Saturday 23 March 2024

Matt cleans the deck from the Incoming...

Hi, Everybody!

Remember when Dave said he doesn't have some of the phonebook negatives? Well Sean checked in:

Here's the "positive":

Anyway, Dave sent me:

Click for bigger

And here's an AKIMBO Update:

Click for bigger

And here's the Diamond Edition:

And then Dave has a request:

And Christon had another cover commission:
Click for bigger:
Friend to the Blog, James Windsor Banderas-Smith's new Papa Balloon & Cactus Kickstarter has a Dave Sim variant cover (limited to 50 copies). 14 days and 239 dollars to go!

And Pal to the Blog, Lee Thacker is the artist on a new Kickstarter for a book Dave REALLY liked, fully funded with a week to go.

And Sean and Living The Line have another new book on Kickstarter: Moonray: Ascension

Okay, back to Bizness as unusual:
The AMOC TeePublic Shoppe: up to 35% off:

Your store will be up to 35% off
March 23-24.*
*Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.
Heritage has stuff.
The Last Day Without nothing.
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The Help Out Bill Messner-Loebs Go Fund Me, or buy Rodney Schroeter's book with proceeds going to Bill.
Oliver' Simonsen's Cerebus movie: The Absurd, Surreal, Metaphysical, and Fractured Destiny of Cerebus the Aardvark it's currently available on "Plex", "Xumo", "Vimeo On Demand", "Tubi". If you're in Brazil..."Mometu", "Nuclear Home Video".
Next Time: The Albatross Deal.


Steve said...

As an ex-pressman I have to say: PLEASE avoid touching the image areas of the film negatives, even with gloves on: if the image areas is damaged, that part of the image is gone, gone, gone.

Stick with the outer border areas.

And yes, I know Sean has digital files and all that, but seeing those pics just set off an internal alarm; geez but I do NOT miss running printing presses!!

Helping ophthalmic surgeons with eyeballs is MUCH more rewarding!


Nic said...

Is it time for Dave to explore other options outside of the Direct Market? Book stores??