Sunday 24 March 2024

Albatross 1 (Dave's first Cerebus Notebook). How YOU can get one!

Hi, Everybody!

I'm making this so I can just link to it in the future.

For those who don't wanna watch, Rob asked:
Is there any plan to publish the NOTEBOOKS? I’d rather have that than any remastered variant cover anything, but I may be the minority.
And (if you watched the video, you'll see) Dave sent Rob a facsimile edition of Albatross 1, Dave's first notebook.

Rob's response upon receiving the book was:
The Albatross has landed! It’s real and it’s spectacular.
My wife thought Dave shipped me the real Albatross notebook it looks so real, (and I was so excited). I may have squealed.
The world building here is SO cool to watch in real time, issue by issue, especially this run of issues which is very important to me.
I’m really more of an art person, and seeing all the layouts, and sketches, and backgrounds is eye-opening.
I also like the glimpse into his scheduling — when to draw issue x, pages 1-20, when to write the next issue, etc
After I was a comics retailer, I used to own THE COPY COW, a copy shop, (and I can be cheap) so I wonder if the whole thing has to be in full color?
These days 4-color is probably as cheap as 1-color on a nice paper? Most of the notebook in blue or black ink, and it makes you feel like you’re holding the actual notebook, but I’m more interested in the content than it being the exact same as the work papers.
There’s a bit more text than art, and I think anyone interested in the process AND / or the Cerebus Super Fans would love these.
I love love love the behind the scenes content in the various original art portfolios. Would love to have Dave’s commentary on THESE pages. That would add a lot of work, and not be workable in the same as notebook format, but maybe just a companion youtube video of someone flipping through it and Dave telling stories about what was going on and also showing the finished pages.
I would easily pay $67-100 USD for this content in this format. Maybe a bit more if it was signed. Or maybe collect ALL notebooks into a limited boxed set? The more old behind the scenes stuff, the better! I still buy old retailer Cerebus promo packs to relive the good old days.
Really appreciate the nice note and Cerebus sketch. I’m over the moon! — ROB SNELL
And Dave decided to sell facsimiles:
So, the deal is you can get one of these:

Uh, the one in his RIGHT hand (our left) for One Hundred AMERICAN dollars.

Check or money order,

(If you're sending a money order, MAKE SURE it's an INTERNATIONAL one so Dave can get paid.)

(And make sure your check says $100 AMERICAN, these aren't a $100 Canadian, Dave ACTUALLY wants to make some money on the deal.)

Or, you COULD just send a hundred dollar bill, no trouble using THAT...

Anyway, get your $100 AMERICAN (in whatever form) to Dave Sim at 
Box 1674, Station "C"
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2G 4R2

"But is this offer available internationally?"

Fogo Fino (say it outload real fast...).


Just add in more money to cover shipping to Pago Pago or wherever you live... And add that to the Hundred American Dollars.

"Can I pay through"

I mean, I guess.

But ya gotta pay $140 CANADIAN dollars. Since is a Canadian site and takes their money in Canadian dollars (ya know the weird metal ones with waterfowl on them...) (Plus adding in EXTRA if you're shipping to Abu Dhabi. Gotta remember the extra for international shipping...)

AND, if you're paying through, email, or Eddie Khanna, or call Dave (519 576-0610) and let one (or all) of us know what's going on. Otherwise, you might never see your facsimile.

And if there's enough "action" on number one, who knows, maybe Dave will sell Number two...

Thanks to Rob Snell for posting the images I stole off his Facebook post.

AND, if you wanna see more pages from the Albatross, but NOT spend a hundred bucks, Margaret has been posting them weekly since December and tagging them with the Notebook One label. (So click the blue text and feast your eyes on pages for free.)

Next Time: Mondays and the return of the Rigamarole...


jhames34 said...

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Steve Schoen said...

Thank you for having this available! I am super interested!

Rob Snell said...


al roney said...

How about a PDF option on the notebook as well?

Lee Thacker said...

Would 160 Canadian dollars cover the book and postage to the UK?

Glen said...

Couldn't some of the pages of Dave's noteebooks appeared in the remastered TPBs or Cerebrus #1 or#2 as bonus content?

That being said I'd interested in the best of "Dave's Notebooks"s in a comic like Pieces of Turtles with commentary by Dave.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

"Pieces of paper that say 'Star Trek' on them -- $1."

-- D.

Tony Dunlop said... objections if someone deletes that one...

Anonymous said...

Wait. Not signed? Impossible. Rich.

Anonymous said...

Autocorrect ruined my Ralph Wiggim "joke." Rich.

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