Monday, 24 February 2020

BY REQUEST: A Moment of Ourborous.

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil! Final order cut-off is this week, so get your orders in.

Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back! Buy four, I got kids to feed.

And there is more High Society than you can shake a stick at._______________

Got an email from "VGDC Maroro" asking Margaret for some notebook requests, including:
1. I remember hearing about a model sheet or reference sheet Dave drew for Cerebus himself.
Well, that leads to: A Moment Of Ourboros:

Thanks, Hobbs!

Back on my birthday in 2013, our esteeemed Editor Emeritus, Tim W. posted:
I, of course, have saved this image, I may have even printed it out.
So, here it is again, "VGDC Maroro".


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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #16 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil! Final order cut-off is this week, so get your orders in.

Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back! Buy three, I got kids to feed. 

And there is more High Society than you can shake a stick at.

Oliver Simonsen:

Bleeding Cool spotlights "Varks Wars" sequel

"Infield Fly Girl" wants a Cerebus film

Walking Dead and Cerebus

"Lord of the Rings" and Cerebus

Bloom County and Cerebus

"I, Lucifer" and Cerebus

Sandman and Cerebus

Justice League and Cerebus

Spawn and Cerebus

Spawn and Cerebus in Brazil (thank you google translate)

Cobra Commander and Cerebus

Magazine "Comics Scene" and Cerebus

Webcomic Homestruck and Cerebus (thank you Spanish Google translate)

Hentai comic PronQuest and Cerebus [This one might not end SFW-Matt]
[As I'm sure you can guess-Matt]
Scott Mccloud and Cerebus

LSD and Cerebus

Gary Groth and Cerebus

Walter Simonson and Cerebus

Disney and Cerebus

Cerebus before bed

Cerebus top fav

Cerebus is a masterpiece

Cerebus is genuis

Dave Sim sketch is fav

Cerebus recommended (thank you French google translate)

Dave Sim and Gerhard go the extra mile for fans

Cerebus quoted

Cerebus Syndrome part of the vernacular

Canadian Vark

Cerebus Volume One gets 5/5 review

Cerebus issue 209 gets love

Cerebus panels shared

More Cerebus panels shared

Cerebus "motion comic"

Cerebus gifs

Later issues of Cerebus

Cerebus collection shared

Best arc of Cerebus?

"howlermouse" says: Currently reading Volume 12 of Cerebus the series is so much better when read in order and in it's totality.

Cerebus transition from light comedic to dark drama (thank you Russian google translate)

Reminiscent of Cerebus

M. Raven Metzner (Producer/Writer of TV shows Iron Fist, Heroes Reborn, Sleepy Hollow etc) reads Cerebus

Marvel threatened Aardvark-Vanaheim Over Cerebus Wolverine Parody

Cerebus Facebook Group
Comics and toy maker Sam Noir shares interviews with Dave Sim and Gerhard
[Click for bigger-Matt]
[Click for bigger-Matt]
[Click for bigger-Matt]

Thanks, Oliver!

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

*MAR201422-Vark Wars 2* Hey, look at that FOUR new printings of HIGH SOCIETY! (sorta.) *MAR201422-Vark Wars 2*

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil! Final order cut-off is this week, so get your orders in. Or don't. What am I, your mother?

Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back! Buy two, I got kids to feed. Or don't. What am I, your father?
Click for big. (again)

Let's see, thanks to Superman's Frenemy, David Birdsong, I got my Cerebus campaign buttons:
It's good to be the king...
What else is happening?

According to the A Moment of Cerebus Twitter, the Strange Death of Alex Raymond is coming from IDW in 2021.

And this happened:
So, re-reading High Society for when I post it here six pages at a time, I noticed a little detail that stuck out to me.

Namely, these panels:
"Yeah Matt, so?" you say.

Well, it kinda stuck out at me that there's nothing on the crowns Fleagle is snatching.

But there is in other parts of High Society:
Unless Cerebus is counting the blank sides...
Well, yer ol' Interim Editor has a large collection ("IT IS NOT A HORDE WOMAN! I AM NOT A HOARDER"-Me, to my wife) of esoteric crap.

Including, reproductions of Confederate currency:


See, no backs.
Which has this on the envelope:
This becomes important a little further down...

So, having Dave's fax number, I sent up a fax. Saying (in part):
Page 40. Note the lack of a printed back (I actually have an explanation for that….)
I got a reply:

Well, anyone who has ever seen the AWESOMELY REMASTERED EDITIONS from Your Pal and Mine, Sean Michael Robinson.

Speaking of which, over at the Previews, they have four versions of High Society available:
It's the TWELFTH printing during the ELEVENTH presidential election, THAT won't get confusing...

HEY WAIT A MINUTE! "clip out the button design and wear it proudly"? You're killing Birdsong Dave, KILLING him...

"Blue State"

"Red State"

And "Vote Cerebus"
Don't clip out the button design. Wait for Birdsong to sell the next round of them. (And I bet you a hundred crowns he'll have more than the one design...)
So, if you want the TWELFTH printing of High Society, that has twelve more pages remastered from original art since the last printing, and all the other neat new features listed up there, ALL FOUR versions have that. Then there are three versions with plates signed by Dave. (Red. Blue. And Vote Cerebus.)

Come November, (I'm assuming around election day.) I'll be posting which version sold the most and declare it the winner. (What happens then I have no idea, nobody tells me nothing...)

So, contact your retailer, and let them know which (slightly) sexier version of High Society you want. (And while this may seem like a ridiculous publicity stunt, (it is.) Diamond is OUT OF STOCK on High Society, so they need to reorder irregardless of the stunt. So, "Yay!" that High Society is still a seller.)

Oh, and here's my explanation for the crowns on page 40:

So, ya know, I got THAT going for me...

Next Time: Oliver in Hell? (I say yes, Tweeter is my version of Hell...)

Friday, 21 February 2020

Lee Thacker: "Tales From The Wedding Present" (Dave's Weekly Update #327)

Hi, Everybody!


Great new logo, right? Thanks Sean!

You can get your own copies here.

So Lee, how about it? Does The Wedding Present have anything to do with this:
Canadian minds wanna know...

And. It. Is. ON:


I wrote that...
Of course Diamond cut off some of the solicitation. Here's the whole bit:
Writers: Dave Sim, Matt Dow, Benjamin Hobbs, David Birdsong, Sean Robinson, Eddie Khanna, and a partridge in a pear tree
Artists: Gustave Dore, Dave Sim, David Birdsong, Benjamin Hobbs, and Sean Robinson
Cover Artists: Gustave Dore, Dave Sim, David Birdsong, Benjamin Hobbs, and Sean Robinson

Last time, our merry band decided to parody a beloved film franchise currently owned by a monolithic media corporation, what was the worst that could happen? And now, WALT'S EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

Witness DANTE'S ennui when BATVARK steals his chick! See the denizens of the Infernal Realms get "Disney-fied"! Stand agast as CEREBUS learns the ways of the Farts from the Ancient Master: No-Duh! Scramble in Terror as you learn what THE UNBEDDABLE VARK is doing with all those severed hands! Gasp in shock as you discover which beloved CEREBUS IN HELL? character has fallen to the Dark Side and become DARTH [REDACTED]!


I don't have the promo strip, YET!
I do now:
Click to see it BIG!

I also don't have the video, YET! (But my bits are @#$%ING EPIC!)

Next Time: I'll be pimping Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back. Oh....and talking about Cerebus. But, mostly pimping Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back....

Thursday, 20 February 2020

The Thing on Cerebus' Head

A few years ago I scanned all of Dave Sim's notebooks. He had filled 36 notebooks during the years he created the monthly Cerebus series, covering issues #20 to 300, plus the other side items -- like the Epic stories, posters and prints, convention speeches etc. A total of 3,281 notebook pages detailing his creative process. I never really got the time to study the notebooks when I had them. Just did a quick look, scanned them in and sent them back to Dave as soon as possible. So this regular column is a chance for me to look through those scans and highlight some of the more interesting pages.

Last October we saw a page from Dave Sim's eleventh notebook in See You in Court. The notebook covers issues #96 through 102 and had 114 pages scanned.

On page 91 of the notebook at the top of the page are three pages of thumbnails and some dialogue:

Notebook 11, page 91
The thumbnails are for issue #100 pages 7 though 9 or Church & State II pages 983 through 985:

Click to make much larger
The dialogue on the notebook is pretty close to the final page. The one difference is with the final panel of page 8 with Cerebus' dialogue.

Down the bottom of the page are quick summaries for issues #101 and 102. The summary for issue 101 just looks like a list of guest stars. Not too many of them actually show up. And there is someone not on that list that actually shows up. "Farmer chap" is that supposed to be the wuffa wuffa guy? And Katrina was set to show up as well? This is a bit different than issue 102.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Benjamin Hobbs:

I faxed Dave, with a burning question. He replied with an interesting response.  Enjoy!
Next Week: I'm sure something will come up.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

"I was afraid you were going to say that."

Hi, Everybody!



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Monday, 17 February 2020

*rustle* *rustle* *rustle* Hey look old craaa...I mean, NICE-PICTURES-OF-DAVE! From fifteen years ago...

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil! (FOC has GOT to be coming soon...)

Anyway, what do I got to "moment" about today...

Well, this has been sitting in the "kitty" for a year or two:
Click to read all the great jokes...
 It's the September 1997 Wizard calendar. (See, Wizard used to come with these posters, and the reverse side would have one of these calendars. I don't even remember what poster this was, but I hung on to it long enough to be more interested in this:

That's right, I'm not a hoarder, I'm a Cerebus collector.


Okay, these three pictures were in a folder crap on my computer, they were labeled "paula porn".

I...have no idea why...

They're photos from (I'm gonna go on a limb and say 2005,) at the Small Press Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio. (I guess 2005, because that was the first year I got a table. And the wife and I look pretty young...)

Okay, from left to right: Cerebus Fan Girl: Margaret Liss, Letter Hack and Yahoo: Larry Hart behind Margaret, Dave Sim Fan Boy: Jeff Seiler in front of Margaret, standing in the back: Dave Sim, Matt Dow's then girlfriend/current wife: Paula, and the fuzzy fat @#$& with the girls on his shirt: Interim Editor: Matt Dow

Again, starting on the left: Seiler, Margaret, the guy in the read shirt with his back to us is Super
             e        oo e
Duper L nny C  p r, then me, Dave Sim, then my wo-man... (I dunno the guys at the bar... "Norm" maybe?)

Larry, Dave, Margaret, some dude who I think worked at the hotel, Paula, Me, Seiler, L nny's elbow.

Since I don't see noted filthy hippy: Jeff Tundis, I assume he's the one who took these pictures...

"Moment" enough?


Well then I guess you're just gonna have to come back tomorrow now, ain't ya?!?

Next Time: I mean, Oliver had me post like fifty links yesterday, you ran through ALL of them already?!?!?

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #15 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil!
Oliver Simonsen:

Richard’s Comics & Collectables:
"Another great item from our friends at Diamond Distribution to be given away at the Store’s 15th Anniversary Event this coming Saturday Feb 15, starting at 7:30pm.
Cerebus vol. 1. Fun stories from Dave Sim, perfect for your library."

Cerebus panels shared

Valentine's Day just passed and that is usually a day when guys give ladies flowers and that we see this posted around, but not this year on the latter. The end of a tradition...

Cerebus recommended

Sonic the Hedgehog and Cerebus

Cerebus pre-Gerhard

Gerhard on cover of Sequential Magazine

Gerhard shares his art for Chapter 6 page 2 of ‘The Smile of the Absent Cat’. Story by Grant Morrison. To be collected as a 48-page volume sometime in the not-too-distant future.
[Click for biggerness-Matt]
Cerebus goes experimental early on

Dean Reeves shares
[Click for Biggerness-Matt]

[Click for Biggerness-Matt]
Cerebus among best original art ever

Jaka page to page video

Luke Korolowicz draws Cerebus sleeping

Cyril Jacquin paints Cerebus

French retrospective of genius masterpiece Cerebus by videogame Producer Thierry Gagnon

Cerebus videogame

Cerebus top 5

Cerebus greatness (thank Spanish google translate)

Cerebus dream

Dilbert and Cerebus

The webcomic Sinfest and Cerebus

Cerebus adaptation

Tangent the movie?

Cerebus and Oscar Wilde

Award winning bestselling feminist Author Mary Gaitskill explains the cover of her latest book: "It's Cerebus the Aardvark from the wonderful comic of the same name" adding "I definitely feel like the aardvark sometimes" [Covered this the 18th of June, 2018. -Matt]

Cerebus quote

Meeting Gerhard and getting a background on his Cerebus sketch among most prized possessions

Comic Store Escape Pod Comics shares Dave Sim original art

Sean Long shares his Cerebus convention sketch

(the above is a new posting. I know, i shared it before when it was posted in the facebook group )

"j. o. smith" draws Cerebus from his dad's collection

"Cerebus Syndrome" part of vernacular

"Cerebus Syndrome" part of Spanish vernacular, too

Cerebus aging in Spanish

Cerebus surprise

Cerebus explained

Cerebus thoughts

The Cockroach and Wolverine go to a bar...

X-men book "House of X" and Cerebus

"Mr. McToyver" makes a Cerebus action figure

List of Conan parodies some predating Cerebus and were maybe an inspiration?

Cerebus haul

reddit discussion on Cerebus episode on Comic Tropes

Cerebus Facebook Group
Baltazar Cardenas draws another "Petite Cerebus" comic, this time introducing "Lil´Julius"
Larry Wooten reveals his latest

John Christian shares his

Sam Noir shares: Cerebus drawn by the legendary Bruce Timm (co-creator of Harley Quinn and co-creator and Producer of "Batman - the animated series" among many other things)
[This predates Mr. Timm's work on the Masters of the Universe mini-comics. (not that that means anything, I just know that...) -Matt]
(I also shared this back in the day when i did a similar column )

Comic and Film critic Kyle Pinion asks:
Just asking the folks who I know are more in the know than I: what's the first volume of SDOAR comprised of, exactly? Is it basically everything that was in Glamourpuss (minus the fashion parodies) plus the extra pages Carson is working on?

Sean Robinson replies:
You will recognize a few pages of artwork, less than five? But no text. Everything is new.

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: More of this sort of thing...