Saturday, 26 March 2016


Anybody out there?  Anybody have any questions or comments.  Just post them to the comments section here.

Jeff Seiler - I am reasured, as always, by you're dedication to REEDS and determination to get it write the first time.


Dave Sim said...

Eddie - Thanks for the back-up in the Comments section Eddie. SDOAR is a very tough slog and it's asking a lot of people to be interested NOW. It really does require reading all of RIP KIRBY and then reading my Commentaries to BEGIN to see how it's interesting and NO ONE is going to do that (I mean, you have but you're really the only SDOAR fan right now). I have to get it distilled enough so that people read SDOAR and go "No way." And THEN want to read RIP KIRBY to see if you/we are making all this up.

I can't believe it myself most of the time. But, then, there it is again!

Dave Sim said...

Tim W - When Alan and Phyllis and Deb were starting MAD LOVE with the idea that it would be Alan's self-publishing vehicle, I offered financial help to bridge the "cash flow" gap until they got the first issue of BIG NUMBERS out and he -- and Bill -- could get paid for it. From then on they should be all right (theoretically). Bare bones. As I've always done everything. How much do you NEED? He and Phyllis and Deb would crunch some numbers and get back to me.

75,000 quid.

I laughed and then realized he was serious. BIG NUMBERS, indeed!

Jeff Seiler said...

Hey, Dave, thanks for the shoutout.

In re: Alan and BIG NUMBERS, amazing coincidence: I crunched the numbers and the Reads proofing time cost came to exactly US$74,949.

Whatta co-inky-dinky!

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

SODAR? Well I'm in!

Three questions:
- Is IDW still on track to release the first volume this summer?
- How many of the Glamourpuss pages will be in that first volume, or is it all new material?
- How is the collaboration with Karl Stevens working exactly and when does that kick-in?
Many thanks,

PS I know you're not taking requests right now for TCOP, but I always loved those two pages in Glamourpuss where Stan Drake reverses the car out of the garage. The sound effects were just amazing on those pages. I'd love to have prints of those.

Dave Sim said...

Hi Tim - I haven't really spoken to Karl since I sent him the book so he could see what the bridging material was that was needed. He went and took photos of Tony at MILLION YEAR PICNIC (it was originally supposed to be Pete Dixon at PARADISE COMICS) and had three pages pencilled when I spoke to him. I told him I would cover him if he wanted to redo any pages since this is his first time out. I don't really want to push him. I sent him four of the Series Seven number 2 brushes.

There are glamourpuss pages in SDOAR but they've been turned into comic pages where I have used them as opposed to the "illustration with text" approach in glamourpuss.

No, IDW is not on track to release the first volume this summer. It really needs the bridging material or it's just going to look...odd. Five comic books that were never published as comic books. The idea is that this store owner is working late and night and he looks down and there's SDOAR issue #1. So he picks it up and starts reading it and we transition into #1.

Jeff Seiler said...

Sounds cool, Dave. Nice movie director chops ya got there. Ever thought about "doing" Hitchcock?

Dave Sim said...

I just hope it works! I suggested that Karl download Al Williamson SECRET AGENT X-9 strips from Heritage Auctions so he can see what the actual brush work looks like. Fortunately, because it's bridging material there's a certain amount of latitude in it having a different look.

Travis Pelkie said...

OOH. I've actually been in Million Year Picnic! In fact, iirc, I actually got Cerebus Companion #2 there, maybe even some Cerebus issues I needed. I'll have to find my notes and see what I bought there!

I'm unsure of the underlying thesis of SDOAR, but I eagerly am looking forward to the release of the book. Yes indeedy.