Thursday, 30 March 2017

Cerebus "Hulks-Out"!

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Last week in the comments Dave wrote:
"Can you "lean into that" and shrink the head even further? That is, keep the bottom of the snout roughly where it is but keep shrinking the head "down and in" and patching the missing details with cloned fur? I've got a gut instinct that there's a Hulk-ish sweet spot in there -- with really hunched shoulders -- that should be very, very funny. And the only way to find THAT (I think) is to intentionally go too far and then "walk it back".

"We can have an informal poll here when you have a few different choices: Which one is the funniest UN-BEDABLE VARK? "
Attached is a comparison of six different head sizes. I thought 1 was to small when I made it, but the more I look at it, the funnier I think it is. 3 is probably closer to proper Hulk-ish proportions. I can make examples even smaller than 1 if anyone desires such a thing.
Additionally, there is a comparison of a larger arm size to the original arms. (If anyone was interested in the arms being further "Hulked out." Although this may make him look to much like an ape, and less like a Hulk.)


Jeff Seiler said...

I think #2.

Carson Grubaugh said...


Anonymous said...



al roney said...


He needs big arms without a tiny pin-head.

Lee Thacker said...

Ha! These are all great, Benjamin - great job as always. Personally, I like #3 the best. Since Dave won't be commenting on here any more I'll address my questions to Sandeep... Does Dave have a preference? Should I alter the cover to his preferred choice?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! If Dave does have a preference, and you do alter the cover and want to save some time altering, I have a large scale version of the image, that I can email to you. (Assuming you have an email that is.)
-Benjamin Hobbs

Lee Thacker said...

Thanks, Benjamin.
We'll wait and see what Dave thinks is the best image and take it from there. It will also mean I'll have to change the sizes of the heads on the 'growing Cerebi' as Cerebus turns into Hulk-Vark! Shared cover credit for sure on this one!