Saturday, 25 March 2017

"Cerebus In Hell?" Parody Covers: Part 8

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looking closely at your VARK No.1, I like the way you Photoshopped the arms. Can you do a "standalone" of that VARK figure and e-mail it to me through Sandeep? It strikes me as innately funny: VARK KILL!! VARK SMASH!! And it's just Batvark with his arms out and taking up more of the panel
To which Lee Thacker said:
The 'Hulk' arms Cerebus jpg: the foreground Cerebus figures are hiding a multitude of sins in my Photoshopped 'Cerebus with his arms out' picture. I'll try to get a 'good-looking' jpg together but I fear this might be a job for Benjamin!
And since I'm Benjamin, I went ahead and made a version, which I've attached. The image was surprisingly complicated to edit. Lee did a lot more than move the arms out as Dave said. The head is smaller, the torso is wider. I think the tail is smaller as well. My version differs from Lee's in that I've removed the sword, filled in the shadow on the left leg (to cover up the fact that there is no sword), replicated the left side of the torso to fill in the right side, and drew in a couple of thumbs.


Lee Thacker said...

Yay! Benjamin to the rescue! Great job. I really struggled with this and you've smoothed everything out beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee! Glad you like it. It was more complicated than I thought it would be. But it was fun putting it together. Sort of like a puzzle.

-Benjamin Hobbs

Unknown said...

REALLY great job, Lee and Benjamin! I hadn't even noticed the different proportions. Can you "lean into that" and shrink the head even further? That is, keep the bottom of the snout roughly where it is but keep shrinking the head "down and in" and patching the missing details with cloned fur? I've got a gut instinct that there's a Hulk-ish sweet spot in there -- with really hunched shoulders -- that should be very, very funny. And the only way to find THAT (I think) is to intentionally go too far and then "walk it back".

We can have an informal poll here when you have a few different choices: Which one is the funniest UN-BEDABLE VARK?

Just when you have the time!

THE UN-BEDABLE VARK strips and IFC are a) really politically incorrect and b) really funny (I think). Kept laughing the longer I worked on them. "UN-BEDABLE VARK CRUSH PUNY HUMANS!!"

You'll see. A year and a half from now. You'll LAAUUGGH! (I hope).

Anonymous said...


Yep, shouldn't be a problem to shrink the head down. I'll send a couple different versions to Tim and Sandeep soon.

I didn't notice the different proportions either...until I started to edit the image. I thought it would be a five or ten minute job. Closer to 45 min. You can just imagine that I was sitting at the computer throwing my head back yelling "LEE THACKER" in my best Kirk yelling "KHAN" voice.

-Benjamin Hobbs

Lee Thacker said...

Ha, ha! Thanks again for tackling this and making it work.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!
-Benjamin Hobbs