Thursday, 9 March 2017

"Cerebus In Hell?" Parody Covers: Part 6

Send your parody covers to: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com! 

"This is the tidied up version (as tidy as I can get it with my limited Photoshop skills)
of the Love And Aardvarks cover with Dave's suggested additional word balloon."
Lee Thacker 

"Here is a new parody cover.  More may come as I think of them..."
Benjamin Hobbs


Tim P said...

Cirinists on infinite earths?

Sandeep Atwal said...

Good job, guys!

JLH said...

I was under the misguided impression that following "Cerebus in Hell?" would be a sequel series, "Cerebus in Heaven?"

Steve said...

JLH --

Before finally attaining the 'Cerebus in Heaven' stage there's going to be the 'Cerebus in Purgatory' series.

Closing out the entire endgame will, of course, be 'Cerebus in Nirvana'.


Unknown said...

JLH & Steve - Uh, no danger of "Cerebus in heaven" or "Cerebus in purgatory". Wherever he is, he's there permanently.

I'm not omniscient, but I do know that much! :)