Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cerebus Vol 1 "Remastered Edition" Arrives In The UK!

Cerebus Vol 1 "Remastered Edition" 17th Printing 
featuring extensive restoration notes by Sean Michael Robinson


Tim P said...

Just curious, but what's the difference between this edition and the Lebanon ( I know the spellings way off) printing from a couple years back?


Jeff Seiler said...

Before Sean answers your question, judiciously, I will chime in and say that the REMASTERED (flaghead) edition was done, digitally, by Sean, and proofread, diligently, by, um, me.

So, this one


Travis Pelkie said...

50% more commas!

Sean R said...

The Lebonfon printing (16th) was prepared without my involvement, and was the printing that was hung up for more than a year because of problems related to moire. I saw an unbound copy of the book and suggested to Dave that it would be sellable if four of the 32-page signatures were replaced with newly restored pages. So Dr. Mara and I restored the 32 x 4 pages of the 16th printing but the rest was not our work. This 17th edition has been fully restored by me, and it looks better than this material has ever appeared.

More here--

Unknown said...

Sean! If you can do two or three variations of the restored two panels of Khem from CEREBUS No.2, basically showing the difficulty in getting Dave Sim's "white paint hair" reproduced correctly and e-mail your comments on the problem to Sandeep 'HOLD FOR CAN 7" that would be helpful.

There's a place where I have to talk about them in the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER 7 Commentaries (comparing them with the updated version of Khem in the first issue of MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS).

CAN7 notes still in progress.

Unknown said...

Sean II - Are either of those Khem pages shot from the original artwork?

Sean R said...

Hey Dave!

The sample panels in the link above are actually from the energy globe sequence from issue 9--I have original art for both of those pages. I do have SOME original art for issue 2, but not for either of the Khem pages, unfortunately. I had to do my best with print copies, which indeed have some issues, even in the first printing. I can still write something up if you'd like that would address the basic issue (that drawing with China white on black presents less contrast than black on white art board, and thus is more prone to random fill-in on a stat camera without some other kind of intervention.) plenty of examples to choose from as well, just no Khem! Anyone have some early original art? Send scans to cerebusarthunt at gmail dot com!

Paul Slade said...

I ordered my copy of this volume from my LCS in London about ten days ago, hoping it would arrive today. Rather to the shop's surprise, though, it didn't. They were very apologetic, but baffled as to why it hadn't turned up.

I've now ordered a copy via Mail Order from Page 45 in Nottingham, which Jonathan, one of the owners there, tells me will most likely be dispatched on Friday. They've actually got copies in the shop, which is more than you can say for either of the London shops I tried this morning. I've no idea what the situation is elsewhere in the UK.

Page 45's contact details are here:

Unknown said...

Paul Slade - I try not to read too much into these situations, but this seems to happen a LOT here on AMOC. Lots of "baffled" people...with my livelihood at stake. :)

Paul Slade said...

My copy arrived in the mail from Page 45 today and it looks gorgeous. In fact, it even smells good!

Jon from England said...

Dear Mr Sim

I am trying to buy and collect CEREBUS in the new-remastered (English language) editions, and whilst Previews allowed me to buy Volume 1 from them late last year, (and have it sent via my local comic shop here in the UK), subsequent volumes are being advertised, but are NOT the Remastered editions.

In the current edition of Previews (#367, April 2019 for June 2019), they're advertising Volume 5 in the Remastered editions, but are still only offering Volumes 2, 3 and 4 (High Society, and Church & State 1, and Church & State 2) in the older, non-remastered editions. (Volume 1 Remastered is being offered again as well.)

With sincere apologies to all of you, are Volumes 2, 3 and 4 available in the Remastered editions, and if they are, how can I get them please? If you can also advise me, how often the Remastered editions are going to be released, that info would also be very helpful to me.

Love your work, and Thanks for everything!

Lee Thacker said...

Hi Jon. Dave no longer replies to comments on this site, but I'm sure that if you order any re-mastered volumes from Page 45 in Nottingham you won't be disappointed.