Saturday, 11 March 2017

Gerhard at Emerald City Comicon!

Photo by Count Comics

"Gerebus" convention sketches
by Gerhard at Emerald City Comicon, March 2017

Gerhard's 2017 Convention & Signing Itinerary:

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Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Great stuff! I especially love Gerebus and The Spirit eyeballing each other!

-- Damian

Jeff Seiler said...

Ger Hard.

He has always been one of the most Rico Suave guys in the room, not to mention THE Nicest Guy In The Room, ever.

He is at level three of def-con-four of my most favorite people.

And, then...

There's Shelly.


Nicer than Ger?

Well, I'll let them sort it out.

(But Shel always kept me company in a very polite way while Ger had to do his drawing thang. Thanks, Shel!)

Travis Pelkie said...

Wow, she was able to deal with you for that long? Nominate her for sainthood!

hee hee hee!

I'm sure you've heard this one, Jeff, but just in case: