Friday, 3 March 2017

Weekly Update #172: Jack Grimm & Taddle Creek


Gary Boyarski said...

Must not post first.... must not... ah screw it! Thanks so much for featuring my Comic in your weekly update! Scratch that off the bucket list...
Dave, I made a couple comments farther below in "On Sale 12 Years Ago: Following Cerebus #3" and "Cerebus Parody Covers Part 3" in case you missed them. This is a pretty busy blog and things get buried pretty quickly.

Tim, is there a 'search' feature on this blog? Am I missing seeing it. It would be handy.

Being stuck in the miserable bowels of Saskatchewan, getting Jack Grimm out to the adoring public has been a challenge. I'm considering dipping my toes into the whole Crowdfunding thing and just hoping for the best. Until then anyone who really wants a copy or three can contact me directly through my Facebook page, or email me at and we'll work out the ordering details. Issue 4 is 90 percent done and will be done by summer if not sooner as well.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Search box located at top-left... but you're right. Things do get buried pretty quickly. Not sure that can be avoided really. I'm open to ideas.

Dave Sim said...

Gary - No problem. Thanks again for the illustrated envelope! AND for giving me the back cover for a free CIH? ad ! WOW! "What's he got on the back cover, this time?" WHOA!! ME AND SANDEEP!! That was definitely a pleasant surprise.

A MOMENT OF CEREBUS - If it's something that someone thinks I need to read and/or needs an answer, I'd suggest just putting in with the latest Comment section. i.e. "This is in regard to the FOLLOWING CEREBUS #3 post": just "cut and paste" your earlier comment.

My "program" is to try and put an hour in a day at AMOC and I just start with the latest post and try to say something intelligent about it and then keep moving down. When the hour's up, the hour's up.

Yesterday, the SDOAR research got pretty intense: a new package of Billy Ireland (the OSU Cartoon Library) materials from Eddie to read with two or three definite "Yeah, this applies" documents to put post-it notes on but a LOT of reading to find them. And a few "That's going to stick with me but I'm not sure where it fits". And then trying to explain what I see as the metaphysical fulcrum of the Logansport Document. This really weird "letter from Rip Kirby" that Ward Greene wrote as a newspaper article and obviously sent to the subscribing RIP KIRBY papers. "I can go put in my hour on AMOC or I can try to get this said." Decided to just stick with it. Took me about five hours to type two annotation pages.

When that happens, conversations definitely get dropped and/or lapse.