Friday, 31 May 2019

Big Auction, and the Spermbirds Challenge (Dave's Weekly Update #289)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave: 

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As Dave said,  Jeff Seiler is still winning with $1300 (US)! If you want in on this action, just comment on this post, or e-mail, the auction ends tonight at Midnight (CDT). To prevent douchebaggery, I'm limiting the bidding to WHOLE US Dollars, in FIFTY-FIVE DOLLAR INCREMENTS (happy now Jeff?). So if you wanna make Seiler lose his faith in humanity, you gotta come up with at least thirteen hundred and FIFTY-FIVE bucks (US.). After the deadline, I'll contact the winner and figure out how we're getting Dave his money. Good luck and stuff.

Spermbirds. Spermbirds merch (where Margaret got the ticket and shirt.). According to their facebook page, the contact e-mail is: (Be nice.)

The remastered Volume 1 is available digitally for $9.99.

If you got a couple of extra bucks and want to do a fellow Cerebus fan a solid, frequent commentator Mike Battaglia has a go fund me here.

Friend to the Blog, and scruffy looking Yeoman: Steve Peters has another Kickstarter going. (I have a joke in one panel.)

Next Time: Somebody else recorded a conversation with Dave...


Steve said...

So, yeah, there's multiple items in the auction, but they're all rather basic, rather devoid of any detailed art.

$1300 will just about buy a page of original art from the series. That's where my money (if I had that money) would go.

But I suppose some large part of the appeal here is the funds going directly to Dave.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but do you *really* want (sneer) Jeff Seiler to win?!?

Jeff said...

$1,355, you ess. (The $55 [you ess] should cover the shipping.)

And, if someone outbids me, I will hunt him down and ... say bad things to them. You know, like, "you're not nice to puppies!", or, "You over-water your lawn!", or"You're mean to meter maids, even though they don't exist anymore."

Yeah, stuff like that.

Jeff said...

Yay!!! I won!!! Now, what did I win, again?

Jeff said...

Steve, I won a page (resale) from, I believe, issue #17 of King Krull, with his underling, in the rain, (no Cerebus, but VERY funny dialogue) for $600 (you ess) from Heritage Auctions a coupla weeks ago. No one was paying attention besides me.

Of course, it hasn't shown up yet...and they charged me around $200 (you ess) more for it. "Buyer's premium, 20%", "Shipping and Handling (they handle it for about five minutes with their grubby little hands)", plus tax. Fifty-some GD dollars, plus the gubment's take.

Madre- well, you know. ComicLink is the way to go.

Jeff said...

Matt! Wake the ... up!

I won!!!

BUT. It's gonna be at least Tuesday 'til I can send the bux.

Or, I didn't win, and I will find that guy, like Liam Neeson, in "Taken".

I *also* have a *very* particular set of skills. Just sayin'.

(BTW), my ex-girlfriend's (of six years in the 90s) son is named Liam. "Like the actor?", I asked her when I called her on the occasion of my father's death. "Yup." He would be around 15 now, but, when he was 4 years old, she put him on the phone with me.

All he talked about was how he was going out on Hallowe'en as a "Powah Wangha"

"Did you get all that?" she asked.

"About half," I replied.

"Me too", she said.

The kid I never sired. But, a special moment with a special lady.

But, she never "got" Cerebus. Had to leave her. (Nah, she left me--the one who got away.)

Jeff said...

BTW, all y'all, for the record, (if, you know, wanna bid on and try to win future auctions), you will ALWAYS get more than you pay for, from Dave. Based on my experience, anyways.

He's extremely nice, exceedingly polite, generous to a fault, and funny as you could possibly want him to be.

And a VERY loyal friend (or, "friend", or Friend.) (That's right, Dave, I used the F-word!)

So, I'll get your money out to you, Dave, in a coupla months. Mazeltov!

Dion said...

Congrats Jeff!

Had I not thrown some dollars at a Cerebus page already in the last month I probably would have given you a run for your money!

C'est la vie - maybe next time, I'm hoping this is a good sign for Dave's wrist and we may get some more covers coming through with CiH.

Steve said...

Sir Jeff - I was following the HA Cerebus page - and you did get a great one that displays Dave's art chops and writing talent wonderfully. Just the sort of page I'd like to eventually get for myself.

But those added HA fees! YIKES!

And while ComicLink is giving HA a run for the money, I think it's in lower to mid-value items - HA still runs huge auctions, both in scope of content and dollars realized, that CLink can't match.

Which is why I think CLink is in fact a better venue for Cerebus items: with significantly lower fees there's the likely outcome of actual higher bids, hence more money to the seller. The HA fees are onerous on items like the page you purchased; for bidders shelling out hundreds of thousands at HA, the fees are an expected expense that the deep-pocket bidders can handle.


Sean M Robinson said...

Hey Jeff! Beautiful page, would love a scan as soon as you get the chance!

Jeff said...

Well, SMR, it has to show up, first. HA is *not* good about doing shipping updates.

Anonymous said...

Sent the Spermbirds an email and got a nice response back. They’re going to be contacting Dave.