Monday, 6 May 2019

What the living &#$%?!?

Hi Everybody!

All I got in preamble, is:

Friend to the Blog, and guy who thinks Shatner should have gotten to sing in the Star Wars Holiday Special: Steve Peters has another Kickstarter going. (I have a joke in one panel.)


So, somehow, I got wrangled into being part of the Cerebus in Hell? creative team. (I suspect I was shanghaied...)

Mostly, I send them the worst ideas I can come up with, and they think that they're gold.

(It's a sick cycle.)

So one of the next...suggestions... I'm gonna make is a parody of the cover of Adventure Comics #247:

Ya know, this one...
I don't have a parody title yet, but the idea is it features "The Legion of Substitute Aardvarks!"

One of my suggested Substitutes (there are eight of them,) is:
Peppa the Earthpig!

I haven't actually typed up the suggestion yet, so this is the first time the brain-trust has seen any of this.

*Surprise fellas!*

Okay, you got your moment...

Next Time: What ever I pull out of my butt tomorrow...


Margaret said...

I get that reference!

Birdsong said...

How about "Indentured Comics"? I already smell a storyline.

Gary Boyarski said...

Hey, don't forget the only other famous Canadian aardvark, Ceril Sneer from The Racoons TV cartoon show.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

You could put Old Cerebus on the cover of A-V Denture Comics. By gummmmm --!

-- Damian

Bill Ritter said...

ok now...Damian's account has clearly been appropriated by ne'er do-wells. twice more if you need help...