Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Who knows what TERROR lurks in the heart of Men? The Ol' AMOC Mailbag knows!

Hi, Everybody!

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As I wait to hold, we reach now once again in to the teeming (and slightly teetering) ol' AMOC mailbag at momentofcerebus@gmail.com (geez I gotta clean this thing out more often...)

Let's see:


"You may already have won..."

"Greetings from His highness the crown prince of Nigeria..."


Ooo, here's something!

Steve Swenson, (you guys remember Steven Swenson right?) sent in:

Hiya Matt -

So about a week ago I was going thru one of my boxes of comics and came across a copy of Cerebus #1, pretty obviously a counterfeit.

What's odd is I have no recollection of when (must've been in the past few years) or why I bought this, nor how much I paid. I have a few authentic #1's and one other counterfeit; this one is a complete mystery to me.

Maybe I'm having a senior moment. But I can't remember.

But what's surprising is a fairly accurate counterfeit signature, placed right where Dave was signing the issues once the fakes came out. The signed authentic copies I have (from what I remember) are also signed on the first page - but in the art space rather than margin. Dave moved his 'signature space' at some point, like I mentioned I think it's around the time the fakes came out - gave him the room to also write 'authentic' or 'counterfeit' plus signature.

Dave's cursive signature during these years was much more 'open' than what it's become, so someone took the time to both find out what an 'old' signature would look like and then practice it enough to get pretty close. Like I mentioned, this copy is clearly a counterfeit, so unless Dave was ... perhaps inebriated I can't imagine him mistaking this copy for an authentic.

So, here's a pic too, maybe on a slow day it'll come in handy for A.M.O.C.

I only know of one authentic Counterfeit with a genuine "Dave Sim" signature. Right Margaret?
 Thanks Steve!

Next Time: I shit you not, Ben Hobbs is looking for pussy...


Sean M Robinson said...

That's a passable fake Dave sig and TERRIBLE fake Dave lettering!!

Steve said...

Matt, these posts too:





'Taint no click bait neither!


Tony Dunlop said...

Looks more like Deni's signature to me...

Jeff said...

Yeah, Tony, it does look like a Deni sig, but I have noticed a lot of different Dave (or "Dave") sigs on comics over the years. I have several, bought secondhand. And many sent or done in person, directly to or for me. I once showed and asked him about the one where there is (I kid you not--I would send a scan of it to Matt if I owned a scanner) a heart drawn over the "I" in Sim. He glanced at it and said, that, yes, it was his sig. That was probably at least 12 years ago, at S.P.A.C.E, when I didn't know him all that well. Personally, I have no problem believing that, back in the day, Deni may have ghosted his sig on letters. But, on comics? Hmm. Maybe if they were sent in the mail. I dunno.

I wonder what he would say about that heart now...

Jeff said...

Come to think of it, though, he may have done it for that certain young woman, when she asked him to sign her whole collection, and she may have later sold off her whole collection, and I may have accidentally stumbled upon it and purchased it because it looked authentic.

I dunno. I can't remember which issue it was, but wouldn't *that* be an interesting story?!?