Wednesday 8 November 2023

Cerebus In A.I. Hell? Part 2: Covers

Benjamin Hobbs:

I've been generating A.I. images over at Night Cafe.  I tried to get it to make a Cerebus In Hell? cover.  This is what it spat out:

This looks the least like Cerebus and the least like a cover.  I hear A.I. isn't good with logo or fonts.  At best it looks like this book would be called SAHANA NINRRR.  Best seller, I'm sure.

As far as logos go, this ALMOST looks like it says RAMS.  That doesn't look ANYTHING like the requested Aardvark.

Or a RAM.

The A.I. cropped the top of this cover.  SARRRS STARIN.  Looks like a hit to me!  But nothing like an aardvark.

BHK KODUBIR SVERVK is sure to be the break out hit of 2024.  

CREY BIUS is the closet to have CEREBUS as the logo.  And the animal looks grey like Cerebus, so I'm taking this as a win. 

I tried to get it to give me a cover inspired by Dore's woodcuts.  Something featuring Satan.  It gave me MYI AVAVOOK. 

This last image was made by prompting the A.I. generator with the cover of CIH? #3.  It made it's own version.  With flying Blue Aardvarks.  I like the impressionistic barcode.  Look for MO DRKE WAWAI in 2024!

Next Week: More AI FUN!


Steve said...

These are genuinely bizarre but it's difficult to not look twice...

And they certainly come across as...not a human creativity.


Anonymous said...

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Tony Dunlop said...

"Not a human creativity." Indeed.

For years I've heard people debate which 20th century "distopia" novel was more prophetic: "1984" or "Brave New World." Both of those miss the mark; in my view it's CS Lewis' "That Hideous Strength." The workings of Lewis' "N.I.C.E" is everywhere these days...but I fear there'll be no Merlin to rescue us.

john g. said...

Aaaaaahh! Careful! You are unleashing forces which cannot be controlled. The second to last one is clearly a Necronomicon spell. DO NOT read those words aloud!