Wednesday 1 November 2023

Cerebus In AI Hell? Part One

Benjamin Hobbs:

Last week I finally got around to playing with AI generated images.  David Birdsong suggested I try Night Cafe. I've primarily been using Stable Diffusion as the Model setting.  It's free to use, unless you want a lot of large images, then it will cost a certain amount per month.  There are a certain amount of free credits available, and so far that's been more than enough for me.  

The first prompt I gave the AI was "Dave Sim's Cerebus the aardvark drawn in the style of Dore". This is what it gave me:

I was impressed.  It doesn't look ANYTHING like Cerebus, but it looks like an Aardvark mixed with Dore's Satan.  The style kinda looks like Dore: a lot of line work up top, a bit too much grey at the bottom.  Encouraged, I made more.

Next, "Aardvark drawn in the style of Dore. Woodcut".

Well that seems rather nightmarish.  Some lines that could imply a Dore engraving.  And an Aardvark on his hind legs.  This looked like it could be headed toward giving me a decent Cerebus.  

I tried something more specific.  WAY TOO SPECIFIC TO CIH?.  "Cerebus, Dante and Virgil talking, in the style of Dore Woodcuts."

I like it, but I don't know who is who.  And it looks nothing like any of them.

Before using the AI generator, I thought it would be a promising way to make images quickly.  So far I've found it difficult to replicate the same character twice or match an existing character design. There are ways to build models, but I have yet to get to that.  

The downsides so far are:

-Too much variation between images.

-Images look interesting as thumb nails but lack details when enlarged

-I'm not sure HOW the images are being generated. Two images that were generated seem to have Getty Image logos in them.  Which seems to imply that to some degree the images are being composited, rather than generated from an algorithm.  

Anyone recognize this image? Part of this image?  Let me know in the comments!

Next Week: More CIH? IN AI HELL?!


M J Sewall said...

I don't recognize any of the images, but I love the experiment! I'm guessing Dave will be amused and horrified.

Aaron w said...

AI art and deep fake video...

we are well and truly fucked

Steve said...

With Dore, there's a world of difference in how his PUBLISHED art looks, from book to book, depending greatly on who was doing the woodblock / steel engraving.

I inherited a dozen or so books with his art from a grandfather and I was taken by the variety of his styles -- until I realized there were different engravers with different skills and artistic 'licenses' of their own.

That said, I don't know if there's a catalogue of his original art which could be used to compare against the published art.

Steve aka Spearamints or something like that...