Wednesday 15 November 2023

Cerebus in A.I. Hell? Part 3: An aardvark in chains

Benjamin Hobbs:

I've been using Night Cafe's A.I. image generator to generate some images.  This time I prompted it to make an Aardvark Warrior. 

I got this:

Next I tried "Armored Aardvark".  This popped out:

Trying again, with the same prompt,  I got this:

I refined the prompt: An aardvark standing with a chain. I guess I should have specified where the chain should go:

Next Week: A.I. Lord Julius


Michael Grabowski said...

This seems like a lesson in how to blow your three wishes.

Michael Grabowski said...

P.S. At first glance that third Aardvark Warrior looks like he's clutching Missy. I call that a win.