Saturday 4 November 2023

Please Hold For Dave Sim 11/2023

Hi, Everybody!

Please Hold For Dave Sim 10/2023


Part one:
I remember Jeff Seiler, and "VGDC Maroro" has SEVEN questions, leading to a new Please Hold Rule: 3 Questions MAX! Anyway, Dave manages to answer all seven before he has to go do a Prayer Time.
Part two:
Dodger has questions about Dave's thoughts about Marvel and DC's black and white reprint series.
Part three:
Steve wants to know if we figured out Seiler's inscription on his own Cerebus Guide to Self-Publishing. (I thought we figured this out in September 2022.)

Then Margaret has questions about the Notebook pages she posted this week.
Part four:
Easton, PA's Michael R. has discovered a flaw in Wild P.I.G.S. #1, and then Christon has some Cerebus #1 questions.
Part five:
Dave continues answering Christon's questions about Cerebus #1.
Part six:
We answer questions from the Cerebus Facebook Group.
Part seven:
And we finish with the rest of the questions from the Facebook Group.

Next Time: the fun continues...


Steve said...


Good thing I'd already asked that question, left enough time for all those other good people.....

And thanks for the link, I'll listen in once again, maybe this time it'll stick to something -


Aaron w said...

well that was fun!
thanks for the effort and time invested - i enjoyed the whole bit - apologies if the bacon joke ( and it was only meant for levity) was off-sides but i love the superman stuff.
i DO remember the arc where Luthor was a hero on his world superman was the heel. it followed shortly (as discussed) with lex getting his power suit (and eventually a cool action figure in the 80's which...) and THEN BRAINIAC was reintroduced in that cool as all @#$%^&* chrome skeleton design .... and then alan moore cloed th
e books on it all...

Aaron w said...

many thanks to you and dave

Steve said...

So I'm uncertain what Dave is referring to when he states, in Part 4 at about the 12:20 mark that, "They (meaning Heritage Auctions) can't remember ever auctioning Cerebus #1".

HA has records of 28 CGC Cerebus #1 sold at auction. Some of those sales may be for the same copy, but sold at a different date. The four Signature Series copies appear to be unique issues: they bear different UPC numbers, BUT it's always possible a copy was re-submitted in hopes of getting a better grade.

(One copy graded out at 9.0 -- huge color break on the spine, there's no way it would grade out as a 9.0 now, IMHO.)

The most recent sale was on Sept. 19th of this year: a CGC 6.0 (not Sig Series) brought in $4,560, with the buyer's premium.

And it's my understanding (from prior Dave interviews) that so many #1's were damaged because the interior was printed at golden age size (by one printer) and the cover printed at modern size (by another printer); the spines were damaged by whatever shop did the bindery work.

This is the first time I've heard about smudging on the covers.

Oh the allure of the minutia!!