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Dave wants his AKIMBO business out front. And NEW Dave Art!

Hi, Everybody!

So, I WAS gonna run the forty-three sketches Gerhard sent me, but Dave wants the AKIMBO discussions in public, and he doesn't usually fax on Sundays, so I'm pumping Ger until tomorrow.

Anyway, Akimbo and Cerebus Archive Portfolio #10: Minds Kickstarter surveys have gone out. The sooner you send them back the sooner I get my stuff. And I want my stuff... (Don't forget "SWORDFISH".)

So, to business!

Okay, that's the latest I've gotten as of Right Now. I understand some people are not-happy about the last day..."auction" thing with the Jeff Catherine Jones Homage cover. Even though I had nothing to do with it, I apologize. All I can say is...

Whoa there pally! I WAS gonna say: Hobbs was the QB, and Birdsong was the..."special teams coach"(? I guess? I'm not sure where he fits in...) and they can both post here, so any communication SHOULD have come from them. I just share what "The Big Giant Head" shares with me. But, yes, I MAY have dropped the ball, so:
Hey! Remember when this Blog used to have an anchorman? Yeah, these damn strips took WAY too long to make. (Ignore the ticker, this strip is old...RECYCLING!)

Anyway, Moving on to the New Dave Art portion of our programing (click for bigger):
Hi Steve!



Okay, this I DO think I need to explain. I also assume it's a TEST since my alarm clock reset itself an hour forward sometime last night.

8 days after your "looking for a Hail Mary pass GHOSTS OF RABBIT HELL variant cover" phone message. I arbitrarily (sic) picked 3 RABBIT HELL characters + Cerebus. Looks like it wasn't arbitrary but an enactment:
a) My affinity with and for AWAKENING COMICS dating before our "Spirituality vs. God" discussion at SPACE (link).
b) Me being an OCD ABRAHAMIC MONOTHEISM adherent.
c) you casting a wider spiritual net (which you share with such notable monotheists as Saint-formerly-Mother Theresa) 
Using your own arbitrary (sic) line-up order for the AKIMBO LOVE AND RABBITS cover and applying my own OCD MONOTHEISM adherence to it l to r BEL (Judaism), ELEPHANT BOY (Christianity) and BUNNY BOB (Islam). Yes, I was aware that BUNNY BOB as a character has Satanist leanings. That seemed appropriate in light of

a) 10/7 (today is the four-month anniversary NEVER FORGET) which IMHO can only be described as Diabolical with a capital D. Not Islam, generally, but its more wildly excessive adherents (ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) NEGATIVE
b) the modern Islamic tendency to demonize, as an example, the Yazidis as devil-worshippers NEGATIVE
c) Islam's stricter adherence to "Be Fruitful and Multiply" which has fallen by the wayside, less so in Israel and more so in the Former Christian countries. Thus, BUNNY BOB's more immense height (and the reason there are 2.3 million people in the size-of-a-postage-stamp Gaza Strip) (thus LOVE AND RABBITS -- in their fecund species sense. Love is important but "multiply" IMHO takes precedence) POSITIVE

Through the eyes of an OCD ABRAHAMIC MONOTHEIST (me):

Had BUNNY BOB been in the middle, Christian, position. NEGATIVE would be IMHO the extensive Christian failure to, generally, heed the words of the Synoptic Jesus in Matthew 6:24.

No one is able to two lords to be slaving; either for the one he will hate and the different he will love or one he will take hold, and of the different he will despise; not you are able God to be slaving and to Mammon.

Mammon, significantly, is only mentioned in the Synoptic Gospels (once in Matthew and three times in Luke). Looking at the former Christendom (most of the EU, U.K., Canada, U.S., Australia, New Zealand) this seems especially prescient. whereas Elephant Boy (Islam) and Bel (Judaism) would be proportionately smaller on the materialism -- or, rather, Materialism -- scale.
Still working on your GHOSTS variant cover which I hope to wrap up today and a small size BEL, BUNNY BOB and ELEPHANT BOY gift drawing for you. Call it SYMPATHY FOR THE OCD MONOTHEIST where I need to examine everything through my triune Judaism/Christianity/Islam lens informed by reading ten chapters from the Law and the Prophets every Sunday, John's Gospel every Monday and Wednesday and my English translation of the Koran in its entirety once a month. Convex or concave? Concave or convex? It's my soul that's at stake. No Jew would accept me as a Jew, no Christian would accept me as a Christian, no Muslim would accept me as a Muslim. So, you know, NO PRESSURE! lol!

This barely scratches the surface of the multiple models at issue in giving equal weight to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So, please think of the rest of "the iceberg" I'm dealing with every time you look at this "tip" I'm sending you.

Let's see, what else did "Grandpaw" send me...

Speaking of Diamond, You can order a copy of the Cerebus #1 Facsimile Edition. Also available in Signed: Cerebus #1 Facsimile Edition Signed. (Final Order Cutoff for online orders is the 29th. Non-online orders are due the week before (or is the week after? Eddie wasn't sure when he told me.))

And since the topic is Kickstarters, Living the Line has a new one: TIHKU!

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