Friday 2 February 2024

Steve Ditko at Charlton Comics (Dave's weekly update #524)

Hi, Everybody!

New format! Like it says on the Logo:
Have I been doing the "new" format for a month already?

It's Friday, so that means:
Dave's Weekly Update:
Steve Peters new Kickstarter ended yesterday. At the last minute, Steve added TWO Dave Sim variants. The second of which Dave mocked up:
And explained:

Anyway, Steve said:
Thanks to all the backers for making this project a huge success! Dave Sim was certainly the MVP here; I approached him with 3 days to go for suggestions on how to revive the project, which had been dragging along for weeks, and his help really breathed new life into it.

I realize that his two covers were late additions (it was very much a Hail Mary play to save the campaign), and some of you may have missed out on them. If anyone is interested in getting the signed Dave Sim Ghosts of Rabbit Hell variant cover and/or the Cerebus Akimbo Love and Rabbits variant, drop me a line at and we'll figure something out.

As for the winner of the Cerebus Akimbo Love and Rabbits variant original art, it was Christon Hunwardsen with a very generous pledge. Thanks, Christon!
Now, that's for people who ALREADY backed the Kickstarter, but I'm sure if you REALLY want one, you could email Steve and say something like, "I missed out on this, even though Matt Dow posted the link to the Kickstarter day after day after day for pretty much the whole campaign, is there any way I could get one or both of these? I'm a HUGE Dave Sim completist with poor reading skills who doesn't obsessively check A Moment of Cerebus like I probably should be. Help me Stevi-Wan Peteobi, you're my only hope..." and maybe he'll hook you up. Why, I bet if you say EXACTLY that, and only that, he'll hook you up. In fact I'm gonna tell him to ONLY hook up people who say EXACTLY that...

 You can read Akimbo here, if you wanna see if it's your cup o' tea. And CAN10 is the next Cerebus Archive Portfolio (you can get the first nine at the link.)

And I know the Cerebus fans Down Under get soaked on shipping, but here's a Dave Sim related Kickstarter where the North Americans get screwed: Greener Pastures #8 "What's  Greener Pastures #8? And how does it relate to Dave Sim?" I hear you ask. Well Here's a hint:
That's Dave's Bio for the Kickstarter.

And since the topic is Kickstarters, Living the Line has a new one: TIHKU!

Okay, back to Bizness as unusual:
A Moment of Cerebus runs Saturday through Friday.

The Week in AMOC:
  • Saturday: Holocaust Rememberance Day. Never Forget.
  • Sunday: New Old Dave Art!
  • Monday: The Monday Report, and I lobbed a soft-ball at Jen and she whiffed it...

  • Tuesday: Jen whiffed her post about The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Go Fund Me. Ya just needed to post those three pages Jen... She did show off the neat rewards Flip is getting for unlocking two pages. Speaking of which, $200 until the next page is unlocked. 
  • Wednesday: Hobbs shared an outake from AKIMBO while promoting the Kickstarter like there's no tomorrow. Speaking of which, the Original Art for one of the covers is up at Heritage.
That's the "One For Sorrow" one...
  • Thursday: Margaret continued looking at the first Notebook AKA Albatross 1. More on THAT tomorrow...
  • Friday: that's this post. You're reading the Friday post right now. This is like that bit in Spaceballs.
Okay, so that was the past week in AMOC. You're welcome.

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Next Time: Please Hold for Dave Sim 2/2024


ChrisW said...

You haven't posted the monthly interview yet so I can't comment there, but what the hell is Taylor Swift's marketing? She's 34 years old, that's not the normal age of pop stars popular to the youngsters who are just now getting into modern music. The Beatles were in their early 20s when they hit it big.

Christon said...

ChrisW, No disrespect to Taylor Shift's talents, but the media absolutely loves her and the influential power of that media is incredible! Sadly, I believe if Taylor posted how cool suicide was tonight on social media, we'd lose a significant percentage of our population by lunchtime tomorrow.