Saturday 3 February 2024

Please Hold For Dave Sim 2/2024

Hi, Everybody!

We came, we held, we talked for two hours and twenty minutes!



Part 1: We let Steve Peters remember Jeff Seiler for us. And we promote the Akimbo and Cerebus Archive Portfolio #10: Minds Kickstarter.
Part 2: Steve Bolhafner asks us about something we answered in October 2020.
Part 3: Dave asks me a question. About Taylor Swift. Much discussion follows.
Part 4: Michael R. has a question about collected letters. With a special offer for people who want more of them. And, then Michael has a comment about Catherine Zeta-Jones. 
Part 5: And then we wrap up with a Swordfish offer.

Here's Dave's report from Now & Then Times #2:
Click for bigger

Part 6: Dave lost a few pages.

Tim's got a Dave related Kickstarter coming: Greener Pastures #8.

Next Time: Probably the Please Hold After Party...

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Nic said...

How do we buy direct from A-V?