Sunday 11 February 2024

Gerhard and the Best. Show. Ever!

Hi, Everybody!

Before we do it, Dave checked in with AKIMBO/CAN10 news:
Yeah, I'm not running Bill's fax. I asked him, and he said, "Nah dawg." So, if you REALLY need to see it, send three bucks to me.

Anyway, Gerhard emailed me:
Hey Matt,

Hope you're doing well.

I just got back from the Orlando Comic Art Expo. It was the best show ever. Period.

I had done a whole bunch of drawings ahead of time. I don't like sketching at shows.
I'm too slow. I spend most of the show with my head down, drawing.
I can't talk to anybody while I'm drawing because I use my hands when I talk.
So I blatantly ripped off--- I mean... "lovingly recreated and reinterpreted" panels from the book.
I call them Moments of Cerebus. I sold each and every one of them.
Like I said: Best. Show. Ever.

You can post them all at once, or one a day, or whenever you need some actual Cerebus content.

Best wishes,

 Ger sold all of these, but if you want/need one, he DOES do commissions.

Alright, I'ma watch the Tremendous Bowl.

Next Time: Monday.


Margaret said...

ohhhhh, Gerabuses! I love all the Gerhard art! Thank you for sharing with us.

M J Sewall said...

Kickstarter: I'm not mad or anything, I just never do last minute add-ons - they kind of annoy me. I'd rather shop up front, know what I am getting. I understand the last minute juicing to make more sales, but changing the pledge is a 100% pain in the ass. My two cents. Stepping off the soap box now.

Ger art: Fan-fucking-tastic!

Anonymous said...

100% agree with MJ Sewell.


Lately I'm topping my budget with Kickstarter. Comics. Kickstarter is a legitimate contender.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful. Pin-up book!