Monday, 22 October 2012

HARDtalk: The Virtual Tour #30

We're now entering the home-straight on the HARDtalk Virtual Tour (which will end at #35). Dave Sim has answered all the questions put to him by the 'HARDtalk Home Team', so now is a good opportunity to say a huge thank you to our guest interviewers: Stephen Holland (co-founder of the UK-based comics store Page 45), Eric Hoffman (editor of collected essays Cerebus The Barbarian Messiah) and Dominick Grace (co-editor with Eric of the up-coming Dave Sim: Conversations from the University Press of Mississippi) ...and for the last week of the HARDtalk Tour, Dave will answer as many questions as he can from those posted at the HARDtalk Tour's sponsoring websites. Back to Dave...
First, let's take a few questions from Silber Spy at BLEEDING COOL:
If there was enough money coming in to justify it, how many people would work at Aardvark-Vanaheim & what would their jobs be?

Given that you had an amount of sales that income flow was no longer a significant consideration, how do you think that would effect your work? 

It seems there's all this concern about the continuation of glamourpuss, but will there eventually be the issue of CEREBUS ARCHIVE about making that very issue of CEREBUS ARCHIVE?

And then Gabriel McCann at THE BEAT has three questions:
The obvious and easy question that no one seems to have asked you is “Is there one question that nobody has ever asked you that you’d like to answer?” In other words What is one thing (or several) things you’d like to tell people that has never been asked of you or in other words suppose you had a split personality what would Dave #2 ask Dave #1 that nobody else has ever asked.

Quoting from an answer you made to one of my previous questions “If you didn’t make money at it, you’d really have to describe that as psychotic behaviour.” In that case what do you think of outsiders artists such as Henry Darger? 

You seem to read the Bible and other original material (The Koran?) but are you also reading later interpretations of religion such as William James The Varieties of Religious Experiences? Have you ever read SF author Philip K Dick (eg VALIS or The Transmigration of Timothy Archer). If so what did you think of their writings? 

Hit the links to BLEEDING COOL and THE BEAT for the answers to those questions... and I'll be answering more of your HARDtalk questions tomorrow.


Jason said...

"And what ever happened with that PROMETHEA story I wrote for your Alan Moore zine?"

Guh... Buh... Nnnnuh... [Brain melts.]

Margaret said...

You're telling me Jason. Come on Gabe, do tell! :D