Monday, 29 October 2012

Twitter Talk #1

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Mas said...

"Cartoonist DEFINETLY superior to Dave Sim: Tezuka, Ware, Shultz, probably Kirby, maybe Moebius? Crumb I guess? Maybe Eisner?"

Where to even begin with this? The only ones that are even full-on cartoonists on this list are Eisner, Tezuka, Ware, Shultz and Crumb. Kirby and Moebius aren't what you'd consider straight cartoonists.

Of the remaining, yeah, they're all talented cartoonists but none of them have the full package to the degree that Dave employs it.

Writing sophistication is only matched by Eisner and Ware has excellent use of panel timing and page design, but story content falls considerably short of both Eisner and Sim. Crumb is pure pathos, energy put on the page.

Dave has the story, the art, the page design and the most expressive use of lettering probably ever. It's rare that you can get someone's voice from lettering alone.