Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gerhard Reimagines Cerebus #29

World Without Cerebus: Collateral Damage
Art by Gerhard
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Brian Coppola, long time Cerebus fan, collector of original comics pages, patron of the arts and all round great guy, came up with a simple and elegant idea: " feature Gerhard drawings that bring to the foreground the settings, circumstances, episodes and ideas that live in the background of the original series." The characters have taken their bows and left the building. The scene is now quiet and left for further interpretation. 

Cerebus #29 is a personal favorite of mine. Page 20, where Cerebus is playing wickets with the Regency Elf, integrates some magnificent dialogue on the strategic use of insanity in negotiations against the backdrop of a casually played game. In the last panel, Cerebus whacks the Elf's wicket ball and it flies over the walls of the Regency, down into the lower city. 
Cerebus #29 by Dave Sim 
The digital download of Cerebus #29 is available right now from

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