Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Inkstuds Radio Interview: Dave Sim (with Ted Adams & Scott Dunbier)

To mark the launch of Digital High Society at Cerebus Downloads, Dave Sim is interviewed at Inkstuds Radio to discuss Cerebus, his upcoming book Cerebus: The Covers published by IDW and a wide variety of other topics. IDW publisher, Ted Adams, and special projects editor, Scott Dunbier, (currently visiting Dave Sim in Kitchener) also join in. Listen to the interview here.


Ryan Williams said...

Wow, I have to say, this was one of the best interviews. Robin McConnell didn't back down from the hard questions. He was polite while still disagreeing with Dave. Usually, interviewers either avoid talking about feminism or are hostile about it. I also liked hearing more about the IDW deal.

Adam Ell said...

Just got the first two issues of HS Downloads(and they are amazing!). Fixin' to listen to this now. I really picked the best year possible to come back to Cerebus.

Andrew Judge said...

Excellent interview.

It also sheds a whole new light on the events of the past two months, particularly as it turns out that the guy from IDW was in Kitchener, busily scanning the covers while the Fantagraphics negotiations were going on. That genuinely surprised me.

However, the biggest shock of the interview was Dave quoting Biggie Smalls!

Rocky Cole said...

There never were any serious Fantagraphics negotiations. That was just revisiting the festering resentment from the events of 1994 which began with unprovoked public insults to Jeff Smith's wife that then escalated to publishing extreme views of women as sucking the substance of men into a feminine void, the subsequent reaction to that culminating in the offensive cartoon of the prophet. That cartoon missed the mark as parody, both because it is such a cliche to compare those one disagrees with to Hitler, and that subsequent events would have better styled the caricature as a prophet of Islamo-Fascism.