Saturday, 20 October 2012

John Linton Roberson: 'High Society Digital' Review

(from the I Didn't Write That Blog, 10 October 2012)
Dave Sim's Digital High Society has come and you can watch/listen and even download here! I bought my copy of the audio/video of #27 (Dave Sim reads it aloud and it's FUN), so you do the same. It's only a measly buck and they take Paypal. Also, you get the comic in PDF, Epub and CBZ versions -- which include a massive amount of unseen archive material, like rare sketches, the notebooks, letters and more!

And for those who might be tempted to put these on BitTorrent or the like, and steal the bread from Dave's (and all the Kickstarter donors') mouth: please don't be such an asshole. Save that for Marvel or DC, who don't need the dough. Just buy it. 

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