Tuesday, 23 October 2012

High Society Digital #04 - Out Now!

High Society Digital #04 (Cerebus #29, August 1981)
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Out Now! Only 99¢

"If you thought that last issue's trip to the Eighth Sphere was a curveball, think fast because here comes another one: The Regency Elf! Isn't she a supposed to be, you know, a MYTH? If she is, she's the only sparkly, flying myth that chug-a-lugs whisky! I'm Dave Sim, co-creator of comics' only 6,000-page graphic novel. I'd LOVE to let you get yourself oriented here, but we've got 420 pages to go and a LOT of ground to cover! Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!"

People everywhere agree that HIGH SOCIETY is Award-Winning (Eisner; Harvey; Shuster, Ignatz, Wizard) graphic novelist Dave Sim's greatest and most hilarious work. It regularly gets a 5-star rating on lists of the Greatest Graphic Novels of All Time. In addition to the 20 pages of art and story, you also get everything that was in the original comic book -- Deni's Note from the Publisher, the original ads, the original letters pages, the original back cover and inside back cover.

BONUS! Original documents from the time period from Dave Sim's Cerebus Archive as well as pages from Dave Sim's original Notebooks (where he plotted and designed each issue) accompanied by Sim's own annotations.


adampasz said...

I totally had a crush on the Regency Elf when I was a kid.

It feels good to get that off my chest. :)

Tony Dunlop said...

Can't wait to hear how Dave does the Elf's voice (I'm at work now). I must say, the A/V stuff is making these a lot more fun than I thought they'd be.