Wednesday, 31 October 2012

High Society Digital #05 - Out Today!

High Society Digital #05 (Cerebus #30, September 1981)
Available from Cerebus Downloads
Out Now! Only 99¢

"When Cerebus really wants something -- in this case, to get Holland M. Hadden to forgive Iest's financial debt to him -- he can run a scam on you like NOBODY'S business. Hadden's gold-PLATED street lamps project? Nay, Cerebus wants to go for SOLID gold streetlamps! You'd pass whisky through your nose, too! I'm Dave Sim, co-creator of comics' only 6,000 page graphic novel and I like to make YOU laugh."

People everywhere agree that HIGH SOCIETY is Award-Winning (Eisner; Harvey; Shuster, Ignatz, Wizard) graphic novelist Dave Sim's greatest and most hilarious work. It regularly gets a 5-star rating on lists of the Greatest Graphic Novels of All Time. In addition to the 20 pages of art and story, you also get everything that was in the original comic book -- Deni's Note from the Publisher, the original ads, the original letters pages, the original back cover and inside back cover.

BONUS! Original documents from the time period from Dave Sim's Cerebus Archive as well as pages from Dave Sim's original Notebooks (where he plotted and designed each issue) accompanied by Sim's own annotations.


Anonymous said...

It appears to be late this week. My guess is that Hurricane Sandy has something to do with it.

David Birdsong

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Per George at

"The hosting provider decided to do an FTP maintenance all night..." it'll be just a little while longer before its available.

Anonymous said...

I got the link about 30 seconds after I posted my comment. D'oh!

David Birdsong

Lee Thacker said...

Getting a download message time that says 'greater than 12 hours'!! Anyone else having the same problem?

Michael A Battaglia said...

@ Lee

Sho', I had'a dat problem, but I drink'a big'a glass'a salty water, and shes'a no botha me now.

Dominick Grace said...

It's taken about an hour every time I've downloaded any of the files, so I'm never in much of a rush to start the process and haven't tried yet for the latest installment, but my guess would be that the storm's an issue.

Margaret said...

Lee - I just downloaded the MP4 file, only took me 8 minutes! The other times it has taken me about 1/2, this one was pretty dang quick for that size file. Now to try the PDF.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

The PDF and MP4 files took me 11 minutes each to download.

Could I suggest that if you are experiencing problems with the downloads that you contact the Cerebus Tech Support directly at:
cerebustech (at) gmail (dot) com

They need to collate all the problems to know how wide spread they are, and from that data then formulate a suitable solution. Thanks!