Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cover Parodies: Dave 'n' Ger's

Original: Avengers #4 (Marvel Comics, March 1964) by Jack Kirby & George Roussos
Tribute: Following Cerebus #3 (Win-Mill Productions, February 2006) by Dave Sim & Gerhard
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(from Following Cerebus #3, February 2006)
The Jack Kirby / George Roussos cover for Avengers #4 (Marvel Comics, March 1964) featured the return of Captain America (he'd disappeared from the comics scene for a decade) and was such a powerful image that the design has been used over and over (including a nice version recently by Alex Ross for a deluxe print).

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BumbleHipShake said...

Oh Damn! Dave n' Gers! This parody is hilarious. I really love A Moment of Cerebus for moments like this. Thanks for this post. This is hilarious!