Monday, 19 May 2014

High Society: The Digital Audio/Visual Experience

High Society: The Digital Audio/Visual Experience (DVD Box-Set)
by Dave Sim
IDW, $39.99 (ISBN: 978-1-61377-969-9)
Release Date: Soon!

Press Release, San Diego, CA (May 19, 2014)
Dave Sim's masterwork Cerebus ran for an impressive 300 issues between 1977 and 2004. Starting with issue #26, Cerebus got a taste of High Society, a storyline that concluded with issue #50, and which critics and readers alike recognize as the point at which Cerebus became a vehicle for political commentary. High Society is also widely considered a great starting point for first time Cerebus readers.

This August, IDW Publishing will release a multi-disc DVD set that presents the entire Digital Audio/Visual Experience of High Society in a unique multi-media format. The Cerebus: High Society Digital Audio/Visual Experience has Dave Sim reading every issue in character -- complete with accompanying music and sound effects -- while motion effects applied to the story art present the material like you’ve never seen it before. Each issue also includes a section of full Editorial Comments from Sim, giving fans a virtual guided tour of this masterpiece.

"With the restoration of the High Society graphic novel now dragging on into its 3rd year -- and no end in sight -- it's Justin Eisinger and IDW to the rescue with Cerebus: High Society Digital Audio/Visual Experience DVD set! Thanks guys!" said Dave Sim.

"Cerebus means so many things to so many readers, it really is a monumental work of our times," said Justin Eisinger, IDW's Senior Editor Books. "Having the opportunity to work with Dave and his team to bring this High Society set to life -- and in this form -- is a special experience that we'll never forget. The creator PERFORMING the story?! It's a hell of a thing."

Originally brought to life through the magic of Kickstarter [and George Peter Gatsis], the High Society Digital Audio/Visual Experience is a must-experience for all fans of Cerebus.


Unknown said...


George Peter Gatsis said...

3 years????

The KickStarter was in 2012... which ended with the deliver of dec 2012... but due to the fire... it was extended to first quarter of 2013.

THEN the restoration project started right after... which only makes it 1 year, not 3 years.

Anybody have a better insight on this?


Anonymous said...

I loved High Society, but how can they say its a great starting point for people new to Cerebus? Its the point in the Aardvark saga that becomes the most complex. By and far the best starting point is literally the starting point. The very first releases of Cerebus, when he is being introduced. They are easy and fun stories to ease into, as opposed to the more complicated political roustings of High Society.

Anonymous said...

The acronym for "Digital Audio/Video Experience" is DAVE.

Unknown said...

I ordered this from my local comic shop back in May when I saw it in the Previews catalog but haven't heard anything since. Has this been delayed?
Also, can someone give me the Diamond code to reference when I go back to my shop?

Margaret said...

Hello Patrick - the diamond code is JUN140341, and on the Previews website it looks like it is due in shops tomorrow.

Margaret said...

lol. Make that 10/29, not Sept 29. I was wondering why a new release was coming out on a Monday. . .turns out it is indeed coming out on a Wed.

Anna Schafer said...

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Lee Thacker said...

Has anyone else noticed there's a page missing from issue 26 in this? The page where Cerebus' fur is smelling after he gets out of the bath...