Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dave On Dreams (II)

Cerebus #78 (September 1985)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
(from Following Cerebus #10, June 2007)
...No matter how much research goes into it, we still don't have clue one as to why we dream or what dreams are. The dreams in the Cerebus storyline don't have any common thematic link unless it's something really vague like Cerebus' mostly unconscious certainty that he is intended to fulfill some Large Destiny or other and his, again, mostly unconscious awareness of all things that get in the way of that. Consciously, he tends to see it that he is supposed to conquer the known world and become King absolute ruler and dictator but that tends to be at odds with the reality of the Large Destiny so he gets locked into a yin-and-yang duality thing - the Large Destiny he's actually intended to fulfill getting in the way of the Large Destiny he envisions and vice versa. Apart from that I do have my own theorises of dreams, none of which have any more or less evidence to support it over the others. In Cerebus I tend to take the view that dreams are a hodge-podge of what we have gone through, what we are going through and what we will be going through all filtered through our own internal Iconic Imagery Assortment and turned into little entertainments which all parts of ourselves watch while we're sleeping and which are understood differently - and I suspect, more accurately by our higher natures (souls) than by our conscious-but-sleeping minds...

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