Thursday, 22 May 2014

Kickstarter: Cerebus Bookplates

Cerebus Trade Paperback Bookplate
'Unsigned', 'Signed' & 'Your Name Hand-Lettered By Dave Sim' Options Available

(from Cerebus Archive Kickstarter Update #6, 21 May 2014)
...Thanks to Alexander Hoffman of Toronto for sending me two Avery labels to sign for him to put in a couple of his CEREBUS trades. I had a bit of time so I sketched Cerebus on each and had him saying "Like HELL it's yours, put it back. This Cerebus trade belongs to Alexander Hoffman". 

Hmm, I thought. I had been looking for what I hoped would be a more generally affordable pledge item.

(The gag actually goes back almost 50 years now, back, back, into the Vanished Mists of Ancient Times to when men used to wear…hats! See, when you went indoors, you took off your hat. As deference to what were then known as "Ladies". I still do this compulsively in the winter even when I'm only going indoors for five minutes. Anyplace that had a cloak room also had a shelf for hats. And a lot of hats looked alike. So gentlemen tended to put an identifying label in the inside of the brim with their name on it. So it was not unknown for you to pick up a hat and check inside to see if it was yours. So, my Dad got this joke label from someone that said "The HELL it's yours. Put it back. This hat belongs to…" and then he wrote Ken Sim in it. His hat would often get a good workout with guys laughing and then pretty much having to show it to other guys to explain, you know, what EXACTLY did you find particularly funny about someone else's hat? As soon as I needed a gag for an identifying label -- well, what could be more a more Cerebus-like sentiment regarding YOUR personal property?)...

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