Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dave Sim: "Doing A Kevin"

Matisse: The Unknown Turtle (2012)
Art by Kevin Eastman & Dave Sim
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(from a comment to Weekly Update #29 posted on 9 May 2014)
I sent Kevin Eastman two of the "Matisse" prints recently -- long-promised to George Gatsis dating back to the last Kickstarter in 2012. (Yikes! As Kevin tended to say in those situations) for him to personalize for George.

And I mentioned to him in the course of my cover letter that I think if the CEREBUS fans could choose between these "how many pixels can dance on the head of a pin?"-style-discussions-as-cartoonist-legacy and "doing a Kevin" -- i.e. selling my share of CEREBUS, lock stock and two smoking barrels -- and then working full time doing NEW CEREBUS stories for IDW (as Kevin is doing with the Turtles) I think I know how the vote would go. I hope Kevin was pleased with my observation.

...I go into WAY too much detail (WAY too much detail) in today's 9 May Weekly Update [No.30 - The Graying Of The Aardvark]. I'm not sure if I'm helping or hurting things or (probably) having no effect whatever. I see my job as basically staying on the intercom and letting all the passengers know that, um, we're skimming over the tops of the trees now, folks, as you may have noticed. Not really sure how much fuel we have left but the GOOD news is, we DO have some fuel left. So, sit back, and relax because, really, what ELSE are you going to do?


JLH said...

Know what would be interesting? Cerebus by Kevin Eastman, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Dave Sim. A reversal of TMNT 8 (minus Laird, though).

My only gripe about the Matisse print is incredibly minor. Matisse should be wielding a unique weapon. Instead, he's got sais like Raph. Though I can't think of any weapon to replace them with.

Anonymous said...

Throwing stars would be the obvious stereotypical ninja weapon not already covered by the four main turtles.