Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Canadian Thanksgiving

Sean Michael Robinson:

Greetings everyone!

This will be yet another short one as things are still a little crazy at the moment. I'm trying (unsuccessfully at the moment) to balance these update with the actual work, which is still proceeding.

The cleanup is (almooooooost) done! Mara is now loading the pages into the template while I'm finishing up the Last. Two. Mind Games. Pages. Mustn't. Stop. Must. Complete. Book!

It's hard. Really, really hard. The materials are all over the place. The conditions are radically different. I've had nightmares about it every night this week, adjusting pages with tiny tiny fleck tone in my sleep.

But the end is in sight. Should, in fact, be this afternoon. And then Mara and I can take a look at the book in mock-up form and see if we need to kick any pages back for revision, or make any other adjustments.

But first!

This Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving (L'Action de grĂ¢ce). With that in mind, I wanted to mention several things we're both thankful for while approaching the finish line on the first book of this massive project.

All of the things we're thankful for about this project boil down to the generosity of you, the Cerebus fans who are continuing to make this project possible. Generous financially -- supporting the Kickstarters that are funding the work. Generous with your time and your valuable artwork- thank you so much to the almost twenty Cerebus fans who have contributed scans of original artwork to this project! That includes this week's contributions, from Laura and Nat Gertler of Camarillo, California, and Richard Palfreyman. Generous with your materials and your abilities-- this includes all of the Cerebus Scan Brigade members who have sent us scans of your individual issues, including some of you who have outright sent the whole thing to us physically. Generous with your time and your eyeballs--reading these updates, commenting, arguing, cajoling, praising.

Something more substantial to follow when we've got this thing done and sent away!


David Birdsong said...

Awesome news. I ordered one a bit of time ago just because it was going to be the gold logo anniversary edition. Now I will be getting a restored edition and I have my other copy to compare it to and there may yet be an ultimate edition to buy as well and eventually I can build a chair out of all the old ones and read the ultimate ones and look as mad as everyone thinks Dave Sim fans are.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Cerebus Thrones! Great idea for future Kickstarter rewards!

-- Damian T. Lloyd, yvr

Anonymous said...

Long time creeper here on AMOC, so I'm up to date on all the developments. I was at the NYC Comic Con this weekend, and I'm not sure if any of you folks are aware, but one dealer had 3 original pieces of Cerebus art (one from Cerebus (#19, page 2), one from High Society, and one from Church and State (#53, page 16)). All were going for $1,200 each It may be too little, too late, but I wanted to pass along the word.


Sean R said...

Hey Harry! Thanks for the tip. Did you happen to see the name of the dealer or his/her organization? Would love to snag some scans... :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sean. It's Albert Moy.

When I passed the booth and saw the pages in a binder, I stopped in my tracks and immediately thought, "Do Sean and Dave know about this???" So just goes to show that the work you're all doing is resonating!