Sunday, 26 October 2014

Kickstarted! Cerebus Archive Number Two!

(from the Kickstarter Q&A, 25 October 2014)
...Thanks to everyone for participating here and to everyone for pushing this into an unimaginable stratosphere. "You've Made A Grown Man Cry." Thank you very much! Good night.

Adam Bingham -- Adrian Duma -- Al Roney -- Alan Stephen -- Alister Blake -- Andreas Kraft -- andrew bartel -- Andrew Boscardin -- Andrew Holt -- Andrew Lariviere -- Andrew Lohmann -- Andrew Wilson -- anne jones -- Anthony Edwards -- Anthony Houge Dunlop -- Anwar Ganama -- Aram Compeau -- Ari Koivuniemi -- B -- Barry Deutsch -- Beanbag Amerika -- Bechara Helal -- Ben Le Foe -- Bill Kraut -- Bill Ritter -- B'jamin da Bass -- Bob Bretall -- Brian Eckfeld -- Brian J. McCall -- Brian John Mitchell -- Car5n -- Carl Hommel -- Carlos Portela Orjales -- CerbisFR -- Cerdic Grimbly -- Charles Armstrong -- Charles Nilsen -- Charles Rowles -- Chris Allingham -- Chris McClelland -- Christopher Barnes -- Christopher Hass -- Christopher Winter -- Colin M. Strickland -- Con -- Cory Foster -- Craig Gunderstorm -- Curt Rissmiller -- Dagon James -- Damin J. Toell -- Dan Schmidt -- Daniel Callahan -- Daniel Elvén -- Daniel Theodore -- Daniel W. Cisek -- Daryl Davis -- Das -- David Birdsong -- David Blumer -- david dalcourt -- David Gray -- David Lamontagne -- David Marsh -- david rankin -- Dean Edney -- Dean Reeves -- Delwyn Klassen -- dkopperman -- Docmac -- Don Alsafi -- Don Smith -- Donald Campbell -- Doug Bissell -- Drew Woodworth – Dustin Cissell -- Dylan Pattenaude -- E G -- Ed Boyle -- Eddie -- Eric Berry -- Eric Fennessey -- Erik van Oosten -- Florian Schiffmann -- FMJ -- Frankie -- futurepastimes -- Gabriel McCann -- Garnet Fraser -- George Peter Gatsis -- Giorgio Soldi -- Glen -- Gordon Burnett -- Greg Kessler -- Greg Rosa -- Iain Ross -- Jacqui Mercado -- Jake A. Capps -- James Gifford -- James Moore -- Jan Elvsén -- Jarret Cooper -- Jason Dougherty -- Jason Lempka -- Jason Novak -- Jason Penney -- Jason Sacks -- Jason Trimmer -- JCork -- Jeff Constable -- Jeff Seiler -- Jeffrey Flam -- Jeramy B Lamanno -- Jesse Lee Herndon -- Jim Martin -- Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr -- Joel DiGiacomo -- John Boreczky -- John Carmine -- John Christian -- John Dalzell -- John M. Scrudder -- John Mosher -- John Osmon -- John Simms -- John Tinkess -- John Waclawski -- John Young -- Jon Hill -- Jonas -- Jonathan Rutledge -- Jonathan Thornton -- Jonathan White -- jonbly -- Josh Devore -- Joshua Leto -- Julian Orr -- Kai Ylijoki -- Keeley Geary -- Kendall Swafford -- Kent Kowalski -- Kevin Kairys -- KevinR -- Kimmo Puhakka -- Kirk Spencer -- L Jamal Walton -- Larry Wooten -- Lee Thacker -- Leonard Wong -- Linda Stevens -- Linkmachinego -- Logan Murray -- Lou Valenti -- Luc de Chancenotte -- Luiz Fernando Zuleta -- Lunaro -- Marc Laming -- Marc Lynch -- margaret liss -- marioeverardo -- Marios Poulimenos -- Mark Byzewski -- Mark Newman -- Martin Waterman -- Marty Trengove -- Mathieu Doublet -- Matt Daniel -- Matt Dow -- Matthew Barber -- Matthew Cettei -- Matthew Price -- Menachem Luchins -- Micah Goldstein -- michael j mcintyre -- michael r romano -- Michael Ragiel -- Miguel Corti -- Miguel Ruiz -- Mike Hunt -- Mike Kitchen -- Mike Lee -- Mike Losso -- Mike Ortiz -- Mint City Comics -- Mitch Okun -- Morten Juul -- Morten S. Eriksen -- Murray Roach -- NaTeNaTeTooToo -- Nathan Cubitt -- Nathaniel Oberstein -- Nick Hines -- Nick Pendleton -- Nigel Fletcher -- Nolan -- Norman Jaffe -- Olav Beemer -- Paul McKenzie -- Paul Powers -- Paul Ripley -- Paul Sloboda -- Peter Stein -- Rafer Roberts -- Rajesh Shah -- Randy Wood -- Ranjit Ranawaya -- Richard -- Richard Meehan -- Richard Palfreyman -- Rob Barnes -- Robert H Lambert -- Roberto Accinelli -- Robin Farley -- Russel Dalenberg -- Samuel Fiddian -- Scott Lazerus -- Scott Yoshinaga -- Sean Canning -- Shaun -- Shaun Pryszlak -- Sordel -- Stephan Loshing -- Stephen -- stephen benson -- Steve Cuffe -- steve harold -- Stuart martin -- Taylor Ramsey -- Ted Adams -- The Amazombie -- Thom Heileson -- Thomas Prudhomme -- Thuy Nguyen -- Tim Burdick -- Tim Hall -- Tim McEwen -- Tim Meakins -- Tim W -- Tom Bither -- Tom Palmer Jr -- Travis Pelkie -- Trevor Towers -- Troy Thompson -- Truls Arnegaard -- Umar Stone -- Utter Fool -- Vitas Povilaitis -- Vnend -- WarsawWolf -- Wayne Welgush -- Will Collier -- William Arnold

Source: Kicktrak
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Jeff Seiler said...

The next time Dave describes himself as being in the hinterlands, overlooked, forgotten, etc., I will refer him back to these numbers, charts, graphs, and A/V presentations.

The amazing thing, to me, besides the sheer numbers, is how many names on this list are NOT first-generation fans.

Start saving up for CANIII, boys and girls; coming your way in, what, February?

Michael Grabowski said...

Not to rain on the parade, but it's just 252 people--less than half of the number that have signed the petition, less than a quarter of the people who pledged for High Society A/V. 252 very generous people, and the rest of us benefit from the work this will pay for, so thanks very much to all! But still a pretty small number of people--not enough to support an ongoing bimonthly comic featuring new DS art with occasional aardvark cameos. I'd say Dave is still safe in thinking he's on the outskirts of the comics reading community.

The real test will be sales on the new editions of the first two trades and whether they go to additional new printings once the longtime fans have bought their copies. (Or paid downloads of same.)

Travis Pelkie said...

Well, there might only be the 250-ish of us "crazy" (I use that lovingly) enough to shell out an average of $150 for the Portfolio, but an ongoing bimonthly comic would be about 5 bucks an issue 6 times a year -- I think many comics fans could shell out 30 bucks a year -- the issue of course is how many of the comic shop regulars would support it vs could, and Dave ended glamourpuss because there weren't enough for that.

Heck, even in the "glory years" of the '80s, Dave and Cerebus were on the outskirts of the typical comics reading community, just because Cerebus is so different. I think glamourpuss was so different from Cerebus that it "did not compute", if you will.

Jeff, what do you consider first generation fans? Do you include anyone who got into the book while it was monthly, or do you only consider up to a certain point in the run? I started the regular book with 220, the first issue of Rick's Story (great jumping on point!?), although I'd seen the TMNT and Spawn issues, and the "Night on the Town" story in the Fantagraphics Best Comics of the Decade 1980-1990 book.

Jeff Seiler said...

Well, good question, Travis. I started with Cerebus, and then Dave, in the early 80s when my good college friend, Paul Shaffer, said, "you should try this." It was one of the WolveRoach issues.

So, personally, I put a first-gen fan/reader as bei gl

Sorry, my delete key has decided to stop working.

As being anyone who started at ore (sorry, *or*) before the issues where I did.

Extra, many extra, points if you were a fan/reader from anywhere below issue #10.

Also, super extra points if you were one of the SPACErz in the mid 2000s, when we used to hang out with Dave and, once or twice, Ger.

Oh, and if your initials are M.L., well, then, you get a free pass for life.

Travis Pelkie said...

So elitist, Jeff ;)

What if we were only, y'know, 4 years old when the Wolveroach issues came out? C'mon, man! Cut us young'uns some slack!

Or else we won't ever visit you in the home.... ;)

Tony Dunlop said...

*gulp* I just realized - there are adults - worse than that, thirty year olds - who weren't born yet when I started reading Cerebus.

"You damn kids get off my lawn"

"You call that music? That's just noise"

"Get your government hands off my Medicare"

et cetera...

Travis Pelkie said...

We promise not to kick your walker out from under you, Tony. hee hee hee!