Friday, 17 October 2014

Previews World: Cerebus Remastered & Restored

Cerebus Vol 1
(Remastered & Restored 16th Printing)
By Dave Sim
(from Latest News, Previews World, October 2014))
Ever been to Estarcion? If not, you may want to see if your visa is in good standing, as a flight is leaving soon for Aardvark-Vanaheim's Cerebus Volume 1, now back in print and digitally remastered!

Cerebus was a chronically ill-tempered aardvark originally conceived as a parody of such popular comic book characters as Conan, and Red Sonja. But it wasn't long before the "funny animal" comic from creator Dave Sim evolved into something entirely different, with Cerebus constantly supported by an ensemble of supporting figures all the way until the series ended with issue #300!

"I have been advocating for some time that publishers of classic comic strips should be updating each successive printing of their collections with high quality scans from original artwork," Sim has commented. The creator then came to the conclusion that he needed to practice what he preached.

Sim has further elaborated that "depending on the page, the reproduction has been modified digitally to provide for greater or lesser contrast and brightness. None of the actual drawings have been in any way modified, but purely mechanical flaws have been corrected."

The end result is Cerebus Volume 1 Remastered Edition TP (OCT140946), which you'll find in the Comics section of the October PREVIEWS catalog. Check it out, before this edition is gone, too!


Tim said...

Has this been released? My local comic shop in the UK have been unable to get it for months.

Das said...

I've just found it today in a comics shop in London, UK. Gosh in Soho. They only had two copies (and I bought one).