Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dave Sim: "Go Royals!"

(by email, 25 October 2014)
I just received a package from Dave today, in which were some scans of some work he is doing (not s'posed to say what). In the cover letter, he opened with this homage to my life-long favorite baseball team:
Hi, Jeff -- Having foresworn professional sports as a harmful addiction -- my only exposure now being when something appears on the front page of the NATIONAL POST, *NO* reading of or glancing at the sports section -- I had no idea what was happening in the playoffs until there was a small photo of a Royals pitcher and "Royals sweep Orioles to advance to World Series" the other day. And, yes, my first reaction was, "Well, Jeff is a happy camper right now" (coupled with "This is probably not the happiest day of Steve Geppi's life, as a minority owner of the Orioles").
Probably about 100% sure that's the only time I will ever be thought of in the same moment with Steve Geppi, ever, by anyone...

And, Dave closed with:
"Yours, as well, beyond issue #300... and Go Royals!"
You may post that, Tim, if you're so inclined.


Travis Pelkie said...

And of course, as soon as Jeff made it clear here and on the Kickstarter that he was rooting for the Royals, they started tanking... ;)

I haven't been able to watch much of the playoffs but I hear the Royals are fun to watch, so I hope it was fun watching not so good.

Hey, last 2 games at home, they've got a chance to win it still.

Jeff Seiler said...

Oh, they'll win. Don't u worry your pretty little head about that.

I have found it strange though, that the song they play during rallies, over the sound zystem at the K (aka Royals' Stadium), is Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".

Journey. As in, Steve Perry's Journey. As in, *the* Steve Perry. One of the most die-hard Giants fans of all time.


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Yes, Steve Perry: who has a face like unto the back-end of a dog(gee).

*nyuck nyuck nyuck*

Tony Dunlop said...

And a Voyce like unto the Nailes of ye Fingeres on ye Chalkeboarde.

Travis Pelkie said...

Day-um, just saw the results of game 6. Alright, I won't stop believing.

Ugh, Steve Perry. And Journey. And not the good William Messner-Loebs kind, the awful hair band. Ugh.

Maybe the Royals DON'T deserve to win ;)

Travis Pelkie said...

Nobody look directly at Jeff! Those aren't tears, it's just raining. He swears it!

Don't look at him!

Sorry, Jeff. I was just teasing! I was rooting for the Royals myself, honest.