Saturday, 25 October 2014

Kickstarter: Dave Sim's Live Q&A!

(from Kickstarter Update #10, 24 October 2014)
...Just like he did for the final 4 hours of the original CEREBUS High Society Kickstarter, and again for CANO, Dave Sim will be online during the final four hours of funding for CANT. Those times are: 4:00 pm EDT until 8:00 pm EDT (16:00 EDT to 20:00 EDT) on Saturday, October 25. The easiest way to check is to watch the project countdown timer and compare that to your actual time.

Now, when I use the term 'online' together with Dave Sim, we all know that the WI-FI and internet connectivity thingy just might not work properly for him. So we've got a 'Plan B' (more like 'Plan Turn of the Century' LOL). If Dave cannot get his computer to talk to the internet, he and I will be faxing back and forth. I'll fax your questions a bunch at a time to Dave, he'll fax his answers back to me, I'll key them in (unless I can get that OCR thingy working better on my scanner...) and we'll communicate relay style. "Please be patient" and sorry for the delay while we relay this faxed question back and forth with be the phrase of the hour.

It would be most helpful if you can start posting your questions 24 hours or more in advance of the 4 hour countdown window, so that Dave and I can get a head start on the answers!

Looking forward to hosting and lots of question.


Dave Kopperman said...

Post questions here, or at the Kickstarter?

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...


Please post your question on Kickstarter in the comments section.