Saturday, 18 October 2014

Kickstarter: Bonus Prints #13-18

Every Friday, beginning with the launch of CANT, we'll be unveiling four additional Bonus Prints that you can add to your Portfolio Package... Each successive goal will be established depending on how quickly (or how slowly) it takes to reach the next goal. We'll update the schedule below each time a new threshold has been achieved:
PLEDGE AMOUNT: ADD $9 ($8 + $1 to cover additional shipping costs) to your portfolio pledge for EACH Bonus Print UP TO the maximum number of Bonus Prints allowed (see above table). 
Now that we're down to the final week of the campaign, we recommend that you pledge for all of the bonus prints that you want, up to the maximum (currently 7). This will help move the pledge total closer to the next target of $33k! When we reach that, 10 bonus prints will be allowed. At the end of the funding period, I'll ask the necessary questions in the survey, so that you can let me know exactly which ones you selected for yourself.
 Bonus Print #13: Cerebus Archive #1 (Zombie Variant cover)
 Bonus Print #14: Roach Commission
 Bonus Print #15: Marital Bliss
 Bonus Print #16: Death Of Captain America
 Bonus Print #17: 'Whale Tail' Porsche Carrera (Front Half)

Bonus Print #18: 'Whale Tail' Porsche Carrera (Back Half)

Cerebus Archive Number Two Bonus Prints:
1-4 | 5-8 | 9-12 | 13-18 

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