Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cerebus Archive: Itoya Art Profolio

Also available at
Dave's Weekly Update #53: A Pound Of Cure mentioned me about contacting AMOC to post my photos and any other information I can provide to fellow Cerebus fans who might be interested in what I had done with my Cerebus Archive #1 and future Cerebus Archives. Whew! I am willing to answer any questions that anybody might come up with.

The Art Profolio is from Itoya. Itoya of America, Ltd is located Rancho Dominquez, CA 90220. Their website is I paid $40.05 for the profolio and for 250 photo corners. Everything for me is still a work in progress, but I love having the prints to be showcased. I did add "Cerebus Archive: Earliest pages in the Cerebus Archive" to the spine insert. I still want to add something to the cover making it look somewhat more professional booklike.

Enclosed are some photos. I mailed Dave actual real life photos and emailed John photos.

I know it's not that much information, but it's a start. Any questions regarding my unique portfolio, you can email me at pignardvark [at] rcn [dot] com or I can answer in the comments to this post.


Margaret said...

I second using Itoya portfolios for storage of prints. I've several different sizes for the Cerebus prints. posters and other miscellaneous goodies I own. You can get the porfolios from and I found them in the Micheal's craft shop in town as well.

I don't use the picture corners, I just let my prints slide to the bottom of the bag. The picture corners sound like a good way to frame them on the page so they are centered.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
I like the picture corners. I measured the black insert of the sleeve and the picture corners stick to the black insert. I placed the print in the corners and super carefully slide the print into the sleeve. All the pages now have a uniformed and framed look. They don't slide around. It is secure. I've opened, closed and flipped the pages many times.

I really like the fact the stay flat envelope fits! The stay flat envelope is a bit thick and there is no bend while the print sleeves have more play.

Michael Ragiel

Dave Philpott said...

They look like the comic art portfolios that Anthony Snyder sells. His are 20.$ They are designed for comic art. Looks about the same. They are acid free and archival safe. The pages fit perfectly . No shifting around ...

Anonymous said...

I had such a hard time finding 11 1/2 x 17 1/2 sleeves and a binder to fit them. 11 x17 is the more popular size.

I can fit 2 prints per sleeve and there are 24 sleeves per folio. If Dave had no bonus prints, I could fit 3 archives, 3 stay flat envelopes and the note pages.

Could you give me more specifics on what you're describing? I don't think I'll change, but... ya never know. It's also almost half the price.

Michael Ragiel

Dave Philpott said...

Hi Michael

The portfolios look exactly the same as yours. Even the binder covers are the same. The only difference I see is the sleeves don't have the back inserts. On the web site it says the folios have 12 sleeves the ones I bought have 24 sleeves. I think its a typo on the site. They can be found on Anthony Snyder comic art. They are on the home page, bottom right. The prices are 17.49 and 21.49 for the two sizes. Anthony is the comic art expert on the tv show comic book men (amc).

Dave Philpott said...

I measured the smaller one the cover is 11.5 x 18 the sleeves are 11.x 17.25. The larger ones are 13 x 19.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
The prints measure almost 11 1/2 x 17 1/2, so I don't think they'll fit with Anthony Snyder's , let alone 2 prints in 1 sleeve.

Do you have your prints in them? ... or are you planning to buy them for your archive? ... or what are you planning to do with this and all the archives to come.

Down the road I might just have the stay flat envelopes in a separate folio. Damn! I wish I got the sketch on the first one.

Dave Philpott said...

The 13x19 portfolio is the same size as the one Michael has. Anthony has two sizes available. I measured the smaller one because it says 11.5 on the site but the sleeves are only 11. Didn't want someone to buy the smaller one. I have originals in the smaller ones. The larger one should do the trick for the archives. At half the price.

I held off of purchasing the first archive. Wasn't that interested in the art for the first edition. I did want to read the notes that came with them though. Anybody want to share some notes?

Planning on getting the second one. Looks like a lot of great pgs to look at. And I am kind of curios what the bonus prints will look like? Looking forward to seeing the one with everyone on the couch.

M Kitchen said...

You folk should ask John Funk about getting some shiny cover stickers for those portfolios!

Maybe he can add them to the CANT pledge options!