Saturday, 11 October 2014

Kickstarter: Inked Headsketches

(from Kickstarter Update #3, 7 October 2014)
Thanks to everyone who posted and/or sent me their comments with regards to a Themed CEREBUS Headsketch. I'm pleased to tell you that your cool, calm, collected and reasoned appeals have resulted in the [above] being offered.

So there it is, but wait, no, there's even BETTER news! You appeals so thoroughly impressed and impacted Dave that he's offering you the CHOICE of EITHER or BOTH!!!!!! Yes, EITHER or BOTH!!!!!! You heard it right.

If you didn't add a Headsketch on your CANO portfolio, it's not too late. You can add the CANO version here. If you did and you want a different version, just choose (I'll get the details during the survey questions or by other communication) the CANT version. And if you really have the need for both, you may pledge for a double ($300) for the two of them. Up here in Canada, we call that a "Double Double", EH fellow Canucks?

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