Sunday, 19 October 2014

Glamourpuss Art Auction: Alex Raymond & Linda Evangelista

Glamourpuss #6 Pages 18-19 (July 2009)
Tracing-Paper Art by Dave Sim

Pencil drawings on tracing paper by Dave Sim for two-page spread of Glamourpuss No. 6 (July 2009) pages 18-19. Two tracing paper drawings with reference material. 

  1. Page 18 features Lyndsay, rated No. 1 in the parody Top Ten of Blonde MENSA Supermodels. She looks a lot like Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista. Pencil drawing measures 11.5 x 14-inches on 14 x 17-inch tracing paper. Drawing is folded in half w/ crease.
  2. Page 19 is the tracing paper that interests me most -- a "staged publicity photo" of Alex Raymond "from 1949 for national syndication encouraging people to listen to baseball games while they work." This portrait (page 19) measures 10 x 7.5-inches on 11.75 x 9-inch tracing paper. It has a single crease line that does not touch drawing.

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