Thursday, 16 March 2017


I'm working on the CAN7 Notes ("The Earliest 10 pages from FLIGHT in The Cerebus Archive") and had originally planned to have the next Kickstarter up-and- running March 1st...

[Which would have been right on the borderline between "three months" and "four months" since CAN6 had been launched:  the vote in the surveys had been pretty much a tie between those voting for a three-month gap and those voting for a four-month gap with a half-dozen or so votes for a two-month gap]

...but this one is taking a very unusual shape.  "Seems like a good time to talk about 'women reading minds'".

Yes, definitely, about a can of worms!  Revisiting the origin point and all the thinking that went into it.  I might not have room to talk about much else!

Further updates as they become available.  And now!  Here's Margaret with the PETUNIACON cover to #37!!!


Unknown said...

Update the next day: Yes, CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER 7 is definitely becoming an odd duck. "Women reads minds" has now dovetailed with "Here's what Cirin THOUGHT she was doing purging the Papal Library"...

..."last chance to explain" is definitely moving me in strange directions on these Notes.

John D. Young said...

This may not be the ideal place to bring it up, but I have a lingering problem from CAN4 that was going to be rectified with CAN5, wasn't, then taken care of with the shipping of CAN6, and again wasn't. I've tried to get some kind of response from Sandeep via Kickstarter messaging, but have heard nothing after leaving a question a week over the course of the last month.
It was an issue regarding two damaged bonus prints... If they can't or won't be replaced, I'd appreciate knowing.
Best wishes,
John Young