Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Jaka's Story book plate contest

Hi Everybody!

Quick! Look at yesterday's post for the usual bit about the Jaka's Story remaster, the cover of Green Dante/Green Virgil, the remastered Volume 1, and the second volume of the Monster Atlas.
Sean Michael Robinson:

Hello friends!

As I wrote on Friday, we're in the process of selecting images for the Jaka's Story bookplate, that will be placed in the signed and numbered, remastered Jaka's Story, which you can order RIGHT NOW from you local comic shop! The bookplate will be machine-numbered, signed by Dave, and printed at 3.5" x 5" and inserted into the interior front cover of each book.

And we've received some suggestions already.

Here they are, as pitched by the people who pitched them!

First up, a thematically-resonant suggestion by Cerebus in Hell? letterer (and future CIH?-writer) David Birdsong!

"Pretty obvious, but sometimes obvious is obvious for a reason.  The B version looks cool, but I doubt anyone wants to deal with all that black ink."

Next up: a suggestion from OTHER Cerebus in Hell? letterer, prepress-er, sometimes-writer, sometimes-art-guy Benjamin Hobbes, who suggests the following image

"I've attached my suggestion for the Jaka's Story book plate. It's a commission Dave did for a Kickstarter...so I don't know if there's a hi-res scan of it anywhere. But it would be the BEST book plate for Jaka's Story."

(Not to worry--I do indeed have a scan good enough to work from for this one if it's selected!)

Next up: two suggestions from AMOC's own Margaret Liss!

I had a couple ideas for Jaka's Story book plate.

Jaka walking into what she thought was her party, only to see it is for Astoria:

Or perhaps this one, Jaka playing with her one friend:
Next up: Daryl, who kindly sent this suggestion via email:

Next up is a raft of suggestions from Jaka's Story proofreader Jeff Seiler, who writes:
Okay. SMR? In ascending order, my Top Ten (No, no, no, Jeff! Don't get overly ambitious!), er, Top Five recommendations for the Jaka's Story Remastered Edition Bookplate:

Number Five: The cover of issue #114, in color. (Hi, M.!)
Number Four: The image that is on page 383 of the phonebook (2nd printing)--Jaka's been in prison, mostly sadly, all of her life.

Number Three: The image that is on page 206 of the phonebook (2nd printing). 

(Two versions below)

Number Two: The image that is on page 184 of the phonebook (2nd printing)--Jaka was either literally or metaphorically, after her 12th birthday, nearly always closing doors. (BTW, ever notice how many doors there are in this story?)

(Drum roll) Number One: The sketches done by, first, Dave (of a pubescent Jaka, head and shoulder, in profile) and, later, by Gerhard, (of that infernal door, along with a nice vase), on the frontispiece of my phonebook (2nd printing). I can scan it for you.

Hope I make the cut. And you guys owe me back some of my lifetime, after looking again (for the 23rd time) at every page (without reading, this time, though). Good thing I'm retired, eh?
And our last suggestions, as of now anyway, come from long-time fan Michael Grabowski!
My suggestion is for one of the images or sequences of Oscar writing. My favorite would be the four panels of p.273, or the top two panels of p. 287, 2nd printing. The first sequence particularly reminds me of Dave's public image at the time, (the cool smoke ring-blowing writer-artist, not the robe of course), and works as sort of an author's photo, given Oscar's role in writing "Jaka's Story" within the Story.

Do you have thoughts on these? Or suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments, or write to me at CerebusArtHunt at gmail dot com!

Matt, again.

Then there was my suggestion:
Wrong phonebook, but doesn't it just "scream" Jaka's Story?
Next Time: Hobbs. Cerebus. Hell?


Tony Dunlop said...

I vote for either the first one or (my personal favorite) the last one, of Oscar smoking and writing. It's my view that, despite the title, Oscar is the real central character of JS.

Denis said...

The second option (kickstarter drawing) is the best in my opinion. It's an original drawing, which is not in the book and which very few people know. And this is a great illustration also)

I also like the option with the door. Looks exquisitely)

JLH said...

I also think the Kickstarter drawing is best suited for the purpose.

Anonymous said...

I think Jaka Ex Libris is the one to go with, it's an image that's not in the book but is fitting.


A Fake Name

Eric Bahringer said...

Add one more vote for kickstarter drawing from me.