Thursday, 23 May 2019

Suenteus Po Versus Astoria

We last saw Dave Sim's fifth Cerebus notebook in April of 2018 in Travel to the T'capmin Kingdom. The notebook covers Cerebus #45 through 49 and had 79 of the 80 pages in the notebook scanned. Last week we saw some Suenteus Po  bits in the second Cerebus notebook. I found some more mentions of him in this notebook.

Notebook #5, page 46
Looks like some dialogue between Astoria and Po? The thumbnail sketch is of page 433 of High Society (aka page one of you guessed it, Cerebus #47).  And yes, it matches pretty well to the finished page. The text isn't as close to the original. For one, Po's name isn't mentioned at all. . .If Dave did decide to leave the character as Po.

Notebook #5, page 47
The character sketch on the page is similar, but a bit different, but he is the Po likeness. The two thumbnails appear to be a first rough of page 2 and then a closer approximation of page 2.

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Tony Dunlop said...

Pretty close to the finished dialogue as I recall, but I'm quite certain Astoria never calls him "Mr. Po" in the finished book...

And that sketch would be right at home in the dictionary illustrating "effete," wouldn't it?