Wednesday, 4 November 2020

SPAWN #10 Gold Cover Variants

Benjamin Hobbs:

Dagon James asked Sean, David and me to come up with some ideas for the Gold SPAWN #10 variants.  

My original suggestion for the AARDVARK WITH A GOLDEN GUN cover had a LOT of gold in it:

Dagon wanted the focus on the line art, with the gold as an accent.  This was the next version of the cover:

This is my original suggestion for the GAH! GOLD! cover:

Once again, he wanted the focus more on the line art:

The final covers can be found at the SPAWN #10 Kickstarter.

Next Week: SPAWN PLATINUM cover progressions!


Fumerkeys said...

Man, Dagon is such a stick in the mud ;)

Fumerkeys said...

So are messages being sent out to all 51 or so people to vote yes or no about offering a handful more of the Sim edition Spawn 10? Any idea where the total is at and when a decision might be made? I'm just curious. Not sure how it's all being handled. Definitely unique situation. I would request if more are made, don't alter it from the first offering. Just add a handful more over a 12 hour window or something like that. Sorry, it's on my brain. Stupid brain. Enjoying the rest of the blog meanwhile.

Unknown said...

Unknown: Everyone who bought one got emailed about the situation.

I don't know if every PERSON gets a vote, or if every COPY gets a vote, but the current results were in yesterday's post.

I haven't gotten today's numbers yet, but they're are only the 57 copies that can vote.


Anonymous said...

Every person gets 1 vote. If you haven't voted, yet, get your votes in!

biglou said...

I have not received an email. Please advise. Thanks, Lou

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou, my email to you may have gone into your spam folder, or bounced. Could you email me at the eddiesdoar email and then I’ll reply to that email? Thanks! -Eddie

Anonymous said...

Also same goes for anyone who hasn’t received an email from me about voting on this. -Eddie

Tony Dunlop said...

Isn't the whole "Variant Covers" thing just a little, I don't know...'90s?

Anonymous said...

Well, it IS SPAWN ;)


Fumerkeys said...

Nope. Check out Batman Three Jokers, check out Crossover, check any Marvel DC book. Covers up the wazoo.

Tony again said...

You miss my point... :-) Just because it is still done, doesn't make it not "dated."

I'm old me the point of buying a comic is to, you know, read it..

Fumerkeys said...

I get it. I mean I was born in 1982, so the 90s variant boom was when I collected, though I didn't do a ton of variants. That happened when I stopped collecting other titles and only collected Spawn and related. So the variant covers kind of took the place of the other series I unused to read. I do read them of course, variants make it fun for me because I like the chase. Some items I have took 10 years of searching to get. That's just how I am though.

Hoping a vote for the Halloween variant yes vote quicker than the US Election vote.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Latest tally:
19 Yes
0 No
3 Abstain
6 not voted

Dave Sim has engaged in "Canadian Election Interference" and the tallies have changed to above.

More in-depth reporting tommorow from AMOC News "All the news that's fit to Blog."

Manly Matt Dow

Tony again said...

"Well, it IS SPAWN ;)"

Good point, Eddie. I don't suppose you can get much more '90s than that.

(Anyone have a BONE to pick with me over that little assertion?)

(nyuk nyuk)