Sunday 15 November 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #54 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Oliver Simonsen:

Mike Costa (Producer/Writer of Netflix show "Lucifer" and Marvel/DC/IDW Comic Writer) has just finished his Cerebus reread and reconfirms it is "...the greatest of all the works in the comics medium"

Spawn #10 with Cerebus cameo was life changing

Spawn #10 was hot!

Award winning stroryboard and comic book artist Michael Yakutis' Cerebus tattoo

Dave Sim's influence felt on Carson Grubaugh's other projects

Favorite comic book is Cerebus

Cerebus Syndrome part of vernacular

Boulet drew Cerebus

James Smith draws Cerebus

Cerebus' surprise reveal

Love for Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cerebus and Batman

Cerebus and the Dark Knight

Lord Julius ruler

Review of Cerebus #20: "This is the issue where Cerebus truly became presidential"

Cerebus relevant to current events

Cerebus panel shared

Still no instagram posts due to election
Starting a Cerebus collection

He won bids on a lot of Cerebus

Reading Cerebus #24

Andrew Rilstone wrote a 20,000 word essay about Cerebus on his Patreon

James A Owen shares anecdote about himself, Dave Sim, Bob Chapman from Graphitti Design and Jim Shooter

Dave Sim is a great letterer (in German)

Dave Sim drawing advice

Mo-Ka is like Cerebus

sinKEVitch just because

Space Vark
[Click for bigger -Matt]

Cerebus Facebook Group

Philip R. Frey: Another fun one today by Carson Grubaugh from You Don't Know Jack!. This is another two-sided piece. It features Jack Vandyke's "Aunt Sadie" and H.P. Lovecraft on the front. It was for these images that I bought the piece.
I was surprised and thrilled to find another Alex Raymond Rip Kirby recreation on the back!

below how the original drawing by Alex Raymond looked when printed
[Click for bigger -Matt]
Philip R. Frey: Here's the last of the Rip Kirby recreations from Carson. It's my favorite of the ones I actually ordered (though I think, in the end, I'm more fond of the one on the back of "Aunt Sadie").

Drawn by Carson Grubaugh

Drawn by Alex Raymond

and as it appeared in context when printed
[Click for bigger -Matt]

Philip R. Frey: Here's it is. This is the big one!
The problem with my order that caused the delay (for which I got those extra Carson pieces) was that the "signed and numbered" label for Hermitage Awesomes was damaged and Carson had to wait for a replacement.
As you can see, when it arrived, it included an original "Rip Cerebus" sketch by Dave. Very exciting, as I have never felt I could afford one of the sketch add-ons.
I don't even mind that he misspelled my name!

Larry Wooten: The YDKJ Kickstarter had to send a copy of Six Macro Cons and Carson sent a great bonus. Thank you Carson!

Sean Robinson shares Birdsong's original "Counterfeit Cerebus #1" sale

James Windsor-smith shares original art for sale

Kyle Pinion: Did the Red/Blue Bookplate High Societies ever come out? I pre-ordered one at an LCS through Diamond, but it never got fulfilled for whatever reason. Just thought I'd check with the folks who'd know.
Menachem Luchins in the comments: Yup, two weeks ago.

Claude Parish shares potential Cerebus spin off liveaction movie poster promo

John Glismann's Elfquest/Cerebus observations and questions

Randy Gray: The back of this bottle of gin made me think of Cerebus.

Margaret Liss in the comments: Reminds me of my fave Cerebus issue

Thomas Bellavance: Finally found these for a reasonable price. I don’t mind reading my single issue but id rather keep em pristine

James Windsor-smith draws glamourpuss art - do not secretly resent his fame

Lee Bentley no intro necesary
[Click for bigger awesomeness -Matt]

David Hartman: Gah! I am he who who has risen from the grave, only to find that my genitals really ARE a laughing matter! gilgameshtionechuanesque!

John Glismann:
Was Cerebus ever mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine?
Sometime in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s there was an article in Rolling Stone about cool and interesting comics. It was sort of one of those “Comics are not just for kids anymore” articles. I THINK I remember Cerebus being mentioned, but I’m not sure. Alan Moore’s Big Numbers and Art Spiegelman’s Maus were definitely mentioned in the article. Miller and Varley’s painting of a giant Dark Knight standing over Gotham City was in the front of the issue (but not the cover). I bought it at the time but don’t have it anymore, so I can’t check. Anyone still have this or remember if Cerebus was in it?
Margaret Liss in the comments: Yes, Rolling Stone #578 that came out on 17 May 1990 in an article called "Hot Comics".
Me: And on Dave's bday no less:)

I add: There's also this from 2014
to see thew whole list
As an aside, here's Mick and Keith's reactions: "Looking at the comic books Jagger asked "Does he make money doing this?" I laughed. Keith took a very dim view of his portrayal, but once explained Cerebus a bit he took a more charitable view."


Thanks Oliver!

Spawn #10 Kickstarter, has ended. Because much like the Remastered Cerebus #1, AND You Don't Know Jack, there's a second chance IndieGoGo. (But hurry, as there's only so much time before this one goes away...)

Order the new Cerebus in Hell?s: CEREBUS IN HELL? PREVIEW 2021 and The "Censored-For-Grandma" variant Batvark XXXXX SECOND PRINTING (FOCs have to be aborning...)

End of the month, the 25th, pick up Spider-Whore. I'm not going to, because my 15 "contributor" copies showed up in the mail. (I had nothing to do with this issue, but my name is on the cover.) I got issues #175-189 out of 2414. I'm signing and sending Dave five issues of his pick of numbers, but then I'ma offer the rest to the fine folks willing to give me money, kinda like I am with: copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Pretty much available Signed only...)
Check out the new Cerebus masks and whatnots. PENIS and XXXXX added. And there's a sale:
Your entire store will be on sale:
Nov 17 – 20 
Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be running:
Nov 26 – 27
Nov 29 – 30
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off! That means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more.
Ya done been told fans!

As you all know, Wilf Jenkins was the Aardvark/Vanaheim lawyer for years, and during that time he was on the comp list. Wilf saved all his copies. Dave and Wilf have signed them, and there's a certificate of authenticity. The books will be available from Looking For Heroes, for $10 (CAD) plus $4 dollars shipping to Canada and $5 dollars shipping to the USA. All the money goes to the Food Bank of the Waterloo Region.

Next Time: We start Year: Four with a look at AMOC's development, and a NEW Auction...

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