Saturday 14 November 2020

Aw geez... (the third one)

Hi, Everybody!

Well, as Cerebus said:

It's November 14th. 

A day in Cerebus Fandom which will live in infamy...

The anniversary of when I took over this madhouse...

We've survived so much:

Plus Dave started calling me once a month.

I got a "60s Marvel Bullpen" nickname:
So, "Thanks" to:
Dave Sim
Margaret Liss
Sean Michael Robinson
David Birdsong
Benjamin Hobbs
Oliver Simonsen
Kevin Kimmes (Where's my @#$&ing column?!?!?!?)
Tim W for starting the whole thing
Damian T. Lloyd for keeping me honest
Jeff Seiler (Hi Shecky)
And all the usual gang of commenters.

Just TODAY, you all get to be "Special Friend's of the Blog":
"Suitable For Framing" if you're parents REALLY didn't give a $#!* when naming you...

 Year FOUR:

Next Time: Oliver does this crap for me...


Birdsong said...

Has it been 3 years? 2020 makes it seem like 13.

Brian West said...

Congratulations, Manly!

Oliver said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Steve said...

Sir Manly -

You're efforts here on AMOC are playing a critical role in keeping the Good Ship Cerebus afloat.

It's not enough, but THANKS!!


Tony Dunlop said...

Happy Anniversary, Manly.

Michael R. said...

Here's to ANOTHER 3 years! Lol. I hope your salary is tripled!! You definitely deserve it.

john g. said...

Congratulations! I’ve been a Cerebus junkie forever, but I was never really computer-savvy so I just discovered this blog in March of this year. It is well-written, highly amusing, and has actually made my life a tiny bit better during these crazy virus-times. Somebody give this man a raise. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum!

Shecky said...

Happy Anniversary ... to you,
Happy Anniversary ... to yoooo,
... Happy Anniversary ... Mr. Interim,
Happy Anniversary ... to ... Yooou!

Michael Grabowski said...

Many thanks for the effort you make to keep this going!

Margaret said...

Nicely done boss man, nicely done. I appreciate the daily Cerebus content that you continue to serve to us. That sweet sweet Cerebus content.

RSS said...

Ralph "cheap and easy" S:
1. Congratulations, Matt(!)
2. Alas, most of those were #toolongdidntread
3. "The Trial of Dave Sim"
"Eddie said... Matt: Oh, no, I don't think Dave would sue anybody either"
He does seem overly concerned with legal action?
As seen by the only-recently-acquainted (me)
Example: disappearing phone messages, etc.
For godsake, loosen up, man!
4. "The LGBQT Etc. People blow up"
5. the two combined (the knee-jerk add-on):
Lots of irony in me calling any place 'hic', but...
At least around here, 'torches and pitchforks' isn't far off...
When you're homo you don't have to 'groom' anyone
The locals are so... 'earnest' that the 'ten year olds' are *delivered*
Example: they're pretending to throw a trash can at a senior
(so you'll intervene, hence the hook - or the "solicit"?)
And so on...
Come to think of it, you might almost think you're living in the domain
Of a (in?)famous publisher who's not so fond of homos? ;)
And so on...

RSS said...

#bugger [tick follow-up]

Carson Grubaugh said...

Congrats, Matt! Has it really need that long!? Jeeze.

Thank you for all the support over the years. You the MAN!

RSS said...

Ralph "cheap and easy" S:
6. "The Trial of Dave Sim"
"Glen said... Dave laments that the happiest times of his life was when he was with his friends (Gerhard included) & fellow comic artists at parties, dinners, & conventions, dating (mostly) women of his own age, & helping fellow artists find their way in the business. Yet it doesn't connect that he now chooses to barricade himself at home with almost no contact from the outside world except through a fax machine, exiling everyone who was ever close to him & complaining that Cerebus was never appreciated.

Maybe it's not the world that hates Dave Sim but himself."

Society as a whole mourns constantly its feeling of exile
One reason religion is (still) so attractive?
And of course religious people will do anything they want
To anyone (example, [my] previous post)
Harking back(?): 'he' in fact dodged my religion/coercion question
A personal question to a person who I think is now a prisoner
Which is no sign of a 'civilized' society
Too wacky? Dunno...