Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Spawn #10 Supplemental Cover

Benjamin Hobbs:

Dagon James sent this image over as a suggested cover for a "Secret Edition" of Spawn #10:

Presumably, the Secret Edition would have been offered as a one day sale or something similar. 

I laid down some rough colors where the entire image was blue and changed the text on the sign:

David Birdsong suggested that Spawn's cape should be red. Which was a REALLY good suggestion:

Dagon sent a rough with different rough colors.  I cleaned them up and modified the street sign again.  Additionally, I changed "MARKET PLACE" to "SECRET EDITION":

Cerebus was eventually colored Grey, and the drop shadow from Cerebus and Spawn was modified. 

Dagon suggested that there could be an ultra-rare variant with lots of snow.  This is what I sent:

There was a LOT of snow, and I believe he thought I was joking...I wasn't. But I reduced the amount of snow:

And then altered it some more:

At some point after this, there was some discussion about a version of this cover becoming the cover for the Ashcan:

Finally, it was decided that the cover should be used for the Supplemental book. The "SECRET EDITION" was changed to "SUPPLEMENTAL" and a bit more snow was added:

If you're still looking to back the campaign for SPAWN #10, you can do so HERE.

 Next week: The last of the Spawn cover progressions?!? Very nearly!


Shecky said...

Um...I thought that this was over.

Are you guys just ... hoovering bucks? Or, trying to?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Jefé: the campaign is done, the "second chance" IndieGoGo goes until the 27th.

Hobbs is just showing things that became other things.

Because he HAS to.

It's in his AMOCtract.