Tuesday 5 September 2023

SDoAR 36: Two More Pages Unlocked a.k.a. It's Over $9,000

 "It's over 9,000!" - Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z

Hmmmm, let's see how the ol' tote board is shaping up!

Just the Facts, Ma'am, aka GFM Tote Board

  • *TWO* new pages unlocked since last week. Huzzah! Huzzah!
  • $9001.00 raised from 140 donations (plus $62.08 outside of GoFundMe).
  • 49 new pages released as mocked up by Dave Sim from 11 June to 26 October 2021
  • 70 total pages available on Dropbox, including Dave's 2019 mocked-up pages
  • Only $199.00 away from unlocking page 71
  • If you have not donated >> $5+ donation grants access to all 70 pages and all pages moving forward! 
  • If you have donated (thanks!!) >> GoFundMe does not have an option for monthly subscriptions. So if you want to donate on a monthly basis, please do so as we are in the beginning of month #9.
So again, if you haven't donated yet, what are you waiting for? 70 freaking pages to read on Dropbox! Wowza!

SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe -->> https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023

Just the Fax, Ma'am

With more pages getting unlocked, I'm piling up rewards for Flip and your little dog, too...

We interrupt this SDOAR update with a reader question that got lost in the shuffle last week...

Just the FAQs, Ma'am

Sir Ian asks, "Dreadful breach in protocol, but is my understanding correct that GUYS is currently available for digital download on cerebusdownloads but has NOT yet been released in remastered physical print? Would have asked Manly Matt but I never know if my mails are trapped in a spam filter somewhere. Hope your COVID recovery is a swift and smooth one."

Manly Matt? For the love of Tarim, can you answer the above question?!! Bitte?

SDOAR Pages, Part III

Two weeks ago, I published the first five mocked-up pages from Dropbox at the behest of Manly Matt. Last week, I added to more two-page spreads. This week, I'm continuing with four more pages (another two two-page spreads). That means 13 pages in toto. Part I is here; Part II is here. Part III is below.

Reminder: These images are *neither* the restored *nor* the remastered pages, just what I cleaned up as lo-res files for Dropbox. 

Philip R. Frey's cleanup work for the Giant-Size Ashcans is SO much better! Trust me. I'm a doctor.

Jen's Non-Stressful Giant-Size Ashcan(s) Update

Okay, here we go.

Each issue currently has two version. Restored, meaning Philip cleans up the pages, but keeps it as close to the mockups as possible, and Remastered, meaning Philip not only cleans up the pages, but finds better source images and brings it up the highest standards possible. We're talking jewelers loupe here! <gulp>.

The plan is to complete issues #0 and #1 in both versions, print proofs that Philip and I sign off on, then share both versions with Dave. At that point, Dave will provide his feedback -- and which version he prefers. It is possible that he will approve both -- and folks will have an option to purchase one, both or neither. We will also discuss price points, but I would like to subsidize the price specifically for those who donated to make the first two issues possible.

Issue #1 has been been completed for both Restored and Remastered, printed as a proof, corrected -- and is now sitting with me to determine whether we're keeping four bonus pages or just sticking to straight up mockups. Next step is making final decision on those four pages -- and sending to Alfonso for Proof #2.

Issue #0 has been completed for Restored, and Remastered is underway, but is more complicated than we first believed it to be. In addition, there are three pages of bonus content, two of which are final. But the third page might go through a revision. My original plan was to wait until Remastered #0 was done before I send the next batch of proofs to Alfonso for printing, but what with all the delays and summer intruding on the amount of time we can volunteer, I might just bite the bullet and submit three of the four for proofs and buy ourselves enough time to get issue #0 Remastered completed.

I think that's all I got, but don't forget to check out the SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe and make me and Philip even more stressed with even more Giant-Size Ashcans to work on. 

Oh wait, #2 is already in the queue, as is half of #3. <face palm>

Sadists can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023 



SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe -->>
 https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023 <<-- SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe

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